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Planning Ahead Pays

Last May Eric Stewart of Llewellyn Realtors went on a listing appointment. During that appointment he told his prospective clients about the wonderful photos and virtual tours he has made for each of his listings. The grass was green and the flowers on the bushes were still in bloom. The problem was his prospective clients were not ready to sell their home yet. They wanted advise on what to do to get ready to sell their home in 6 to 9 months.

Knowing what the weather would be like in the Washington DC Metro Area, Eric knew he had to take charge of his listing, and without a listing agreement in place, he called BakerB Solutions to come out and do a virtual tour of the prospective sellers home. By doing so, he extended a leap of faith that these clients would eventually use him to sell their home. In addition, he secured the best possible photos available for this listing. So 9 months later when the sellers knew the time had come to put the home on the market they called Eric and had the virtual tour loaded and linked to the MRIS and They had no choice to go to any other Realtor since Eric was the only one they spoke to that spent money in advance of a contract to secure the best photos of their house. If they called someone else, they would have photos with a dead lawn, leafless trees and bushes with no flowers. In addition, the sunlight coming through the windows to illuminate the interior would not have been as favorable either.

The result is a wonderful virtual tour of 14 Enid Court, Potomac, MD 20854.

If you want to take advantage of the season in the upcoming Spring Market to get great photos of your prospective listing in Potomac, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Frederick or any other part of Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, give BakerB Solutions a call at 301.424.8272.

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PanoRiders Work For Me

The virtual tour industry becomes more competitive every year. More companies that offer “virtual tours” (even if they are just simple slide shows) open their doors every day. That means more companies are fighting for the same customers. So what can you do to win their business? Sure you can show them the virtual tour, stats reports and social networking built right in. Offer them the online distribution engine and then show them your PanoRider.

Even with online distribution, over 70% of home buyers claim the yard sign in front of the house is still an extremely valuable source of information and the PanoRider is a VERY effective yard sign. Prospective buyers who pass by a sign need a reason to react to and remember the listing.

By adding a PanoRider to the sign, you have instantly given that person an easy, non-confrontational way to access information online. When they are ready to contact the listing agent, the phone number, website and email are right in the tour window.
So be sure to offer your clients your PanoRider every time they place an order. You will be surprised how many agents want these great marketing tools. But it is up to you to tell them about it! If you don’t have a PanoRider, order one right now and keep it in your car. Then you can pull it out at the photo shoot and show the agent in person. You WILL sell many more of them if you do this every time. It’s easy money and you hardly have to do anything other than show them the product and collect the money!

Good Luck Out There!
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Big Mikes Take on Social Networking

I confess, at first I did not understand or realize the power of blogging sites like Twitter and Facebook. While other professionals have raved about the contacts, referrals, etc. that they have obtained from Social Networking sites, I initially did not see its true value or potential. However, a recent news story and my own experiences have shown me the power of these Social Networking sites.

If you have any misgivings about social networking’s business value, let me dismiss them for you now. Although social networks and online communities may not drive instantaneous sales, they can absolutely help you build customer retention – through gathering feedback, responding to concerns, sharing informational content, and more. In the case of responding to customers’ concerns, social networking is turning out to be a powerful retention tool. Many companies today are surfing online communities and social networking sites for customers’ comments and following up as a result. So, if you have a complaint many businesses are actively listening and willing to resolve the issue.

In this week’s publication of BusinessWeek (March 2, 2009), there is a short article called “A Social Networker’s Story: Zappos CEO and UPS Step In.“ The story describes how Tara Hunt, a marketing executive with Intuit, initially contacted UPS regarding the tracking of a delivery package and received a generic response from the customer service representative explaining that packages sometimes aren’t delivered until 9 p.m. during the Christmas season. Not satisfied with the response, Tara called upon the power of Twitter and posted a message (known as a “tweet”) describing how she wanted to walk her dog and was waiting on UPS to deliver a package. The message or tweet was relayed to the CEO of Zappos who was having dinner with UPS’s President for the Western Region, who then mentioned the tweet to the UPS exec. The Zappos CEO replied to the tweet “someone will call.” The UPS exec contacted the operations manager who then was able to schedule a pre-set delivery time. The UPS driver arrived not only with the package – but also flowers, chocolates, and dog toys. It was an excellent example of customer service. The question is though; did it pay off? Absolutely! Ms. Hunt now goes out of her way to use UPS and even purchased a pair of shoes from Zappos.

As word spreads of these types of stories, customers will increasingly want to experience it themselves—and may actually go to online communities before contacting a customer service department directly. (Or may look to see if they can contact a customer service team through their Social Network site.)

So here is what I’ve learned from the BusinessWeek article and my own personal experiences:

~Customers don’t like automated replies or generic responses.
~Customers love good information
~Customers can accept mistakes and problems if they know what is going on with their problem or complaint and obtain timely updates.
~When blogging or posting, remember that others are or may be listening (including friends, family, employers, competitors, etc.).
~If you are a company, you may just want to listen in on Twitter to see what your customers are saying about your company and the service it provides.
~A satisfied customer is more likely to be a source of repeat business and referrals.
~An unhappy customer will shout (louder than the happy one) from the rooftops the bad service they received.

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Business and Commercial Virtual Tours

Oyster Bay
We are here to offer you the best advertising for your money! Thinking Outside the box is essential in a down market. Statistics have shown that marketing on the Internet is cost effective. 80% of consumers search for information online and say images are imperative when making a decision. That means at least 60% of your marketing dollars should be spent optimizing your company online. Let me tell you what we at Perfect Images can do for you!_____________________________________________

Restaurant 360 Virtual Tours

Tour Gallery

Make sure your restaurant is remembered. A virtual tour is a great way to differentiate your restaurant from the competition. Provide other web sites with your Indian River County virtual tour to increase your exposure.

  • The daily cost for print advertising varies between $66 and $150 per day and has a shelf life averaging around 30 days. Print advertising has a limited market penetration based on your distribution and does not allow the
    consumer to interact or engage with the advertisement.
  • While the cost of a virtual tour averages around 27
    CENTS per day. With a shelf life of 365 days and WORLDWIDE penetration the cost to interact with your
    client is MUCH less.


360 Conference, Meetings & Events

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Does the success of your business depend upon booking conferences, meetings, Vero Beach weddings, conventions, or other events? Do you have Saint Lucie County 360° panoramic virtual tours on your web site so professional planners can “walk through” and “look around” your facilities… quickly and easily from their office, home, or anywhere else they choose?

  • As of August 2006, over half of American adult Internet users (61%) have taken virtual tours of another
    location online. (2006 Pew Internet & American Life Study)


Recreation Facilities & Scenic Vitual Tours

Tour Gallery

Entertainment Halls, Theaters, Sport Stadiums, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Golf Courses so as to promote the entertainment hall for the purpose of increasing ticket sales. Scenic: Campground, City and Towns, Marina, Neighborhood, Parks. We are a recognized leader in interactive 360° panoramic virtual tours on the Treasure Coast. Our technology is the perfect solution for anyone trying to sell anything via the web, real estate, or a brokerage looking to efficiently and cost effectively create their own 360° real estate tours.


Hotel and Resort Virtual Tour

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Perfect Images Treasure Coast Virtual Tours
can dramatically increase the quality of your St Lucie, Indian River County hotel or resort web site and directly increase online reservations and return visits from your customers. Most people are now using the web as their first source of information in making travel plans. Panoramic Virtual Tours allow web site users to immerse themselves into a scene. It has never been more important for the viewers to get a real perspective on where they will be staying, or dining, or sight seeing.

  • 96.2% of travelers use the Internet as a source of information when planning a trip
  • In cyberspace, a site with a virtual tour and interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media. (2006 Pew Internet & American Life Study)

_____________________________________________We can customize the look and feel of our tours to create a professional grade virtual tour of any type of property or item including but not limited to:

Artists’ Galleries Auctions Auto providers Corporate Use
Beauty Salons Banquet Facilities Bed & Breakfast Builders
Churches Campgrounds
Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods Commercial Real Estate
Corporate Offices Condominium Units Events For Sale by Owner Real Estate
General Contractors Golf Courses
Health & Fitness Clubs Historic Buildings Insurance Documentation Libraries Marinas and Boat providers Medical Offices & Hospitals
Mobile Home providers Motels & Hotels
Museums Nursing Homes & Retirement Facilities Parks & Recreation Resorts
Restaurants RV’s & Motor Homes Scenic Areas Schools
Spas Stores
Vacant Land Vacation Rentals_____________________________________________Our commercial and Business Photography is geared towards businesses looking to leverage high quality digital images on an unlimited use, royalty- free basis. We give you all the still photography taken in the photo shoot on a cd for you to use on all your advertising needs. Sincerely,
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Market Media Virtual Tours Moves to Kansas

Lawrence Kansas – January 23, 2009 –

Kansas 360 tours a division of marketmedia,LLC has relocated corporate offices and service center to Lawrence Kansas. Kansas 360 tours, the newest addition to the marketmedia, LLC services, has partnered with RTV, inc. (RTV), the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual tour software provider.

As a RTV full service Douglas County virtual tour provider, Kansas 360 tours offers state-of-the-art virtual tours and innovative online marketing solutions to local real estate agents and businesses throughout the northeast Kansas area of Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City. Kansas 360 Tours’ holding company, marketmedia, LLC, has completed proprietary training as a certified RTV full service Kansas virtual tour provider in January of 2006 and will also be offering clients and customers expert advice on internet marketing and social networking with Kansas virtual tours.

William McCauley, RTV Provider and owner of marketmedia, LLC stated, “We’re very excited to have relocated back to the Lawrence Kansas area, we look forward to bringing the best virtual tour photography and services that are unmatched by other local or national companies here to my hometown. Kansas 360 tours offers solutions to bring our clients from the initial listing to SOLD! Our professional marketing is the competitive–edge that brokers and agents need in this tough market.

The 2007 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers shows that internet–savvy consumers search the internet for two weeks before even calling a real estate agent. Our Lawrence Kansas virtual tours and professional photography are absolutely second-to-none and our clients are ecstatic to finally have the 360° interactive virtual tour services that their clients expect right here in the Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City area. Our clients especially like the fact we save them time, money and get their marketing online in just one business day.”

Since 2000, RTV, Inc. has continually led the way in the virtual tour industry with marketing implementations such as their proprietary interactive software, SpiderLinks™, RTV PanoRider™, single property websites, on-demand Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting 2.0, 2D/3D interactive floor plans, animated walk-throughs, custom websites, proprietary order-dispatch system, tour audio solutions, tour discs and sketch-and-fax services.

For more information on Kansas 360 tours call 937-974-4877 or visit their website at .

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