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Learn to Take Advice – Starting a Central Coast Virtual Tour Company

You’ve done all the research, you have the experience, you’ve even got a back-up plan, so why would you ask for advice? And why would someone offer you advice when you didn’t even ask for it?!

Just when I thought I could do something on my own and use my own “creative” mind, I am smacked back into reality by the hand of humbleness. When I got married, I didn’t think I would ever need counseling. When I began learning photography, I would be able to figure out the camera on my own… maybe read a few pages in the manual. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

To help me perfect my virtual tours that I shoot here in California, I recently finished reading a book by Bryan Peterson called Understanding Exposure. It is short, very easy reading, and extremely informational. I bought this book because my camera manual did not challenge me in any way whatsoever, and I was frustrated I was not getting pictures nearly as intense looking as other people. AND I was tired of trying to use Photoshop and adding ‘Vibrance’ to everything!

It opened up my eyes, and has practically converted me into the avid bookworm I am today. I can now strive to be one of California’s best Central Coast virtual tour providers! I’ve also taken a lot of criticism on designing my virtual tour company website and logo. I was determined to do it myself, creatively and technically since I had the experience and got my degree in digital media.

Why would I need help with a degree and so much background!? The answer: Because I would still be working on both if I didn’t finally seek help. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was way off track several times when either my wife or mentor told me “That’s no good.” “Change that.” “Why did you chose that picture?” I wasn’t happy at first about all the changes, but every time I listened, something great happened. It truly was a learning experience.  When you have a moment please check out my Central Coast virtual tour company website and let me know what you think.  I could not be more excited to be with RTV and part of the winning team!

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The ‘Straight’ Talk

I have been a photographer for a long time and most of my photography experience has been with a wide range of film cameras.  It was only 4 years ago when I picked up my first digital Nikon D200 camera. Wanting to return to the profession, I joined the RTV virtual tour network a year ago as a provider of virtual tours here in Northern Nevada.  In my time with RTV I have attended as many webinars as possible to learn techniques from successful providers.   The Great Exposures 2 webinar has been one of the most helpful to date.

I just purchased Lightroom 3 and during the webinar they talked about editing photos in this software.  The information was very timely.  Some of the adjustments they covered in the IMAGE webinar for lightroom 3 enhances the lighting and color of the pictures.  I also learned about straightening the vertical and horizontal lines of buildings in the pictures to give them a more professional look.  Above and below are the before and after photos based on what I’ve learned in this webinar.  I was aware of the functionality that was available but hadn’t seen it in action until the webinar.  I have a great appreciation for the help and instruction I get from attending every webinar even though I have a background in photography.

Being open to learning new techniques and reminders of what I’ve learned continues to help my business succeed. Thanks RTV!

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Say NO to Info@

We’ve all been there. Having a busy day, working hard at building virtual tours and multitasking a million things at once. In the zone where we are getting more accomplished than an Internet cowboy on a pot of latté. Then it happens…you go to forward an email to someone and everything comes to a screeching halt. You’re trying to send an email to Jason but Microsoft outlook does not have the Jason that you’re looking for stored. If only Jason had used his name at the beginning of his email everything would be fine but now here you are searching for his email address. Screening through your sent mail from last week; pouring over your deleted emails in search of the last time you had heard from him.

Yes…. you are stuck in the inefficient zone.

The inefficient zone can be easily avoided in two simple ways. You can make habit of always adding new people to your address book as they come in to you. This way as long as you know that Jason’s name is indeed Jason, your program will automatically find him and show you that his email is Something that only C3p0 could possibly remember.

Secondly you can start spreading the word right now and encourage all of your business associates to use their name when selecting an email address for their company. Say NO to info@!

In addition, there is nothing that screams unprofessional as an email address that you got for free at one of the many email sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and so on. So how can you fix this? Simple, get an email address that is associated with a domain name that you own. This is an easy way to increase your online business credibility by at least 110%. Don’t forget to use your name in the e-mail address:, forget the info@ or any other gobblygook you can come up with! Again…SAY NO to Info@!

Let’s keep America moving!

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Savvy RTV Provider Offers Social Training

Earlier today, Skeeter Harris of Mac Village Productions was interviewed on News 8 news by Brian Neudorff on his upcoming educational seminar on Social Media called Social Networks Work! The event features local businesses (Kodak, News 8, Techrigy) speaking about how to best to use social media technologies such as facebook and twitter among others. News 8 Social Networks Work! Interview
To see the interview click here

Buying a Home in Warner Robins Georgia

Purpose: Help Georgians achieve the dream of home ownership by providing affordable first mortgage financing and down payment assistance.

Are you looking at Homes for Sale in Warner Robins GA and having trouble coming up with the 3.5% down payment required by FHA? Then the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program may work for you.

Georgia Dream Second Mortgage loan can be used for down payment and closing costs associated with a purchase of a home in Warner Robins GA for first time homebuyers with a total household income of one to two person – less than $58,000, and three or more persons – less than $67,000. First time homebuyer requirement waived for targeted areas. A first time homebuyer is someone who has not owned home in the last 3 years.

* 1st Mortgage – Must qualify based on credit score and debt to income for specific loan type, such as VA, FHA, Conventional, or USDA-RD
o Maximum Purchase Price: $200,000
o Interest Rate as of 28 Mar 2008 is 6.75%
o Owner Occupant Only
o Mobile Homes are not included
* 2nd Mortgage – $5,000 to $10,000
o Must qualify for and get 1st Georgia Dream Mortgage
o No Interest
o No Monthly Payments
o No payment due until home is sold, refinanced or no longer used as the borrower’s principal residence.
o Income limits are based on County
o 2nd Mortgage loan amounts vary between applicants
+ Standard: $5,000 – All eligible homebuyers
+ PEN: $7,500 – Military, Health Care, Education
+ CHOICE: $7,500 – Eligible homebuyers whose household includes an individual living with a disability.
# If income is less than $29,999 then $10,000 instead of $7,500
HONORS: Surviving spouse of a military serviceman or servicewoman or of a public protector: $10,000
+ WECOME HOME: Members of Georgia Army and Air National Guard who purchase a home in the State of Georgia.
+ SIGNATURE COMMUNITY: Eligible employees of local governments designated as Signature Communities: $7,500
+ EV: Energy efficient and/or visitable homes that certified to meet the Energy Star, Easy Living Home or EarthCraft House program requirements: $7,500
+ SINGLE FAMILY DEVELOPMENT: Affordable homes constructed under this special development program: $7,500 – $20,000

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Coldwell Banker SSK Realtors
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