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Home Tours with Floor Plans!

Floor Plans SoftwareI have been a real estate agent in Northern, NJ since 1996 where I have seen many changes in
technology. I remember our office sharing one computer which aged back to Windows 3.1. I
was one of the first agents in the area who bought and utilized a digital camera, when others
were still running to Fotomat to have prints made. Technology has been a blessing for many,
while being problematic for others.

About a year ago, I came across an app in the Apple Store known as Magic Plan and I was immediately hooked. To start, I find a great deal of joy in the “techie” aspects of marketing real estate, which is why I focus my business on representing sellers and their homes. I have produced floor plans in the past, however the time it would take utilizing CAD software was very consuming. Not to mention, laser measuring devices of past were not as accurate, so I relied on the good old tape

While apps like Magic Plan still require calibration, they make the process much easier and fun at the same time. Soon after playing with Magic Plan, I discovered that they had affiliations with other software developers, so I decided to dive in and check out them as well. One is 3D Floorplaner, which allows you to take your 2D floor plans from Magic Plan and transform them into a complete 3D model. Like the latest versions of Magic Plan, 3D Floorplanner also allows you to add in furniture, utilities, colors, carpets, etc. Soon after, I explored their affiliation with RTV Virtual Home Tours. I was immediately impressed with the integration and ease of use, giving real estate agents the ability to produce their own home tours.

Magic Plan, 3D Floor planner and RTV Tours work together to make the life of a Real Estate
Agent easier and more productive. The development of these software products gives agents
the ability to offer services to clients that would in the past, cost substantial amounts of money,
not to mention, time. When it comes to pricing, all three are very reasonable, which allows an
agent to do more.

I have received positive reviews from sellers and buyers alike, who find the floor plans and interactive virtual tours very helpful. Integrating them into your home tours takes your marketing to a new level. I would highly suggest to any agent to give these services a try for yourself and see just how easy and fun it is to provide these marketing tools to your clients and listings.

Scott Breyer

RTV Announces Magic Plan

Did you know that 53% of buyers are more likely to look at a listing if a floor plan is included? And that 80% of buyers consider floor plans to be absolutely essential when viewing a property online?

RTV is proud to offer MagicPlan, currently available free of charge in the Apple Store. This exciting app allows you to create a floor plan on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod by simply turning around the room. RTV has partnered with, the creators of this exciting new technology.

MagicPlan is the first iPhone “Scan & Plan” floor plan solution that uses a camera and augmented reality to create a highly accurate floor plan of an entire property in just minutes. For the property marketer and virtual tour provider who wants to create and integrate accurate floor plans on the fly, this tool is a huge time-saver.

Using MagicPlan is as simple as taking a picture with your phone or iPad! Hold up your device and simply turn around the room. When your plan is finished just press the “Send to RTV” button.  Your floor plan will be instantly available in your Fusion virtual tour management system. Unlock the plan for a mere $2.25, and within seconds you can start integrating your interactive floor plan into your 360 virtual tour, complete with hot spots and directional radar.

Create incredibly accurate interactive floor plans in a fraction of the time it takes your competitors. To see the finished product in action, click the following link:

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Interactive Floor Plans
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The FORMULA 60 – MagicPlan Floor Plan Maker

Did you know…

53% of buyers are more likely to spend time looking at a listing if a floor plan was included

80% of buyers think floor plans are essential before looking at a property

Over the last two years we’ve looked at many floor plan technologies as a group.  Many of you have adopted these technologies into your property marketing company and others have passed up floor plans simply because they take too long to create. 

The new RTV Virtual Tour System coming online soon will accept a fully integrated floor plan and we thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of the latest floor plan capture technology to really give your virtual tour business a BOOST in 2012.

Enter MagicPlan, the first iPhone / Android “Scan & Plan” app based floor plan solution that’s truly a time saver like never before. Using MagicPlan is as simple as taking a picture with your phone.  Watch this video and see how easy this is:  and here’s the results:

Please join myself and  Jacques Gaubil on Tuesday, November 8th at 7:00 Eastern time while we discuss how this program works, why you might consider trying it out and of course a special discount given to RTV providers who sign up for MagicPlan.  We hope to see you there RTV!

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Bring Properties to Life with RTV Interactive Floor Plans

RTV is pleased to announce that they’ve gone live with their new Interactive Floor Plan System powered by Icovia. Icovia is the industry standard for online space planning.

The Interactive Floor Plans are launched directly from your client’s online property listings, their buyers browse detailed floor plans branded with your client’s corporate identity. And coming this spring your agents will be automatically alerted when users save, print or share the floor plan.

You have a couple options to choose from when using your floor plan software:

~Draw your own floor plans in minutes by tracing over a sketch or starting from scratch.
~Or have Icovia draw the floor plan for you ONLY TWENTY BUCKS!!! Just email or fax your floor plan sketch to them and they’ll do the rest.

The RTV Interactive Floor Plan is an amazing online tool for planning and designing spaces. The floor planner makes it easy to recreate an entire house or you can create professional floor plans in minutes.

Easily Create Floor Plans

Point and click to add walls and drag-and-drop windows, doors and other items. Plans can be added by your agents, a measuring service, or by the Icovia design team.

Integrate Photos and Tours

The RTV Interactive Floor Plan combines function and finesse to make your property shine. Include photos, panoramas and virtual tours of your properties and watch your listings come to life.

In addition, an integrated reporting tool gives you real-time access to user registration data and performance metrics. Identify top properties and help your clients reach new buyers.

Features Include:

~Launching directly from online property listings Branded with your client’s corporate identity, both in the viewer and the printouts.

~Easy to use – no software to install.

~Link to photos and virtual tours.

~Integrated collaboration tools for prospects and agents.

~Capture detailed buyer information – Coming soon!

~Powerful reporting tool identifies top properties and interested buyers.

Benefits Include:

~Generates registered contacts for your agents – Coming soon!.

~Engages prospects and creates excitement about property listings.

~Gives agents another way to identify and collaborate with prospective buyers

~Differentiates your company and your client’s company.

Help bring your client’s properties to life with interactive floor plans. Join the list of leading companies that use the Interactive Floor Plans powered by Icovia to convert web traffic into contact lists for your Client’s potential buyers.

This technology leapfrogs the floor plan technology of your competitors with its unique ability to add photos, panoramas, AND move furniture around! Take a test drive of the new RTV Interactive Floor Plan System today!

New Technology Release | Floor Plan Software

We’re very pleased to inform everyone that we’ve just gone live with our new Interactive Floor Plan system! We have created an all new system utilizing an amazing space planner technology!

This technology leapfrogs the floor plan technology of the competitors with its unique ability to add photos, panoramas, AND move furniture around!!

You’re now able to create unlimited floor plans and link them directly to your virtual tours. We’re also very happy to announce, by popular demand, we’ve brought back our Sketch & Fax service.

Take a moment now and check out the new system by following the link below:

For those of you that would like to hear about this system in detail you’re more than welcome to join us Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00pm Eastern, while Jason LaVanture and Guest Speaker Steve Street from Icovia discuss the many “bells and whistles” built into the new Floor Plan system.

Sign up now and start practicing so you can be ready for this event!

Enjoy the new system!

Team RTV