RTV’s Monthly Webinars

The FORMULA Virtual Tour Webinar

The FORMULA is an RTV virtual tour provider exclusive webinar series that is held once a month.  While The FORMULA is open only to those within the RTV network, we will occasionally open our doors to the public and let you take a peek at what goes on during these amazing talk shows.  This show has been running nearly every month since 2008 bringing a wealth of information and insider tips and tricks to RTV customers. For those of you that are new to RTV, you’ll love that we’ve recorded these shows for you to watch from within our video archive located in RTV’s marketing center.  Some of our show topics include blogging, SEO, Craigslist marketing, setting up shop, email marketing, video creation, sales presentations, postcard marketing, social media marketing and a LOT more. Preview a ten minute show sample of The FORMULA below.

The FORMULA 5 – $100K “The Graves Carey Story”

How on Earth did one man all by himself achieve $100,000 as a virtual tour provider in one year! How did he reach such levels of success by his third year? Moreover; how has he been able to keep his competitors LOCKED out of town?

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The IMAGE Virtual Tour Company Webinar

The IMAGE is a free virtual tour and photography training Webinar hosted once a month by RTV that is designed to help RTV providers learn many different aspects of photography in relation to virtual tours, architectural photography, and property marketing.  Just like our popular FORMULA show, we will occasionally invite the public to attend our IMAGE webinars. It is our promise to our customers to teach upon a broad range of topics that will help even the most novice and budding photographers capture and deliver beautiful photography and interactive virtual tours. Best of all, we often have prizes, offerings, or contests that are announced on these shows. Our IMAGE series has been running monthly since 2010 and you’ll be happy to know that we’ve been recording these shows for our customers to watch from within our video archive located in RTV’s marketing center.

You’ll find The IMAGE ideal for everyone at any level of photography skill. We’ll show you how to improve your photography ability so that you can increase your bottom-line. Join us each month for the IMAGE and learn how you can capture the perfect IMAGE every time. From the basics of photography to advanced techniques, and even software editing, the IMAGE is a show that you won’t want to miss! Preview a ten minute show sample of The IMAGE below.


The IMAGE 2 | High Dynamic Range Virtual Tours

In this webinar we presented to our customer base the world of High Dynamic Range (HDR) tours and photography.  We spoke with Daniel Lee, photographer and Photoshop guru, and Alex Saenger, a long time virtual tour photographer, about what HDR photography is and the advantages of using it.

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Social Realty Virtual Tour Webinar

Social Realty is a brand new show hosted by RTV’s Jay Stringham.  Jay is RTV’s acting social media coordinator and also a professional photographer. Jay loves helping RTV customers build stronger brands through social media. Social Realty is a monthly one hour show that’s packed full of useful tips and tricks ranging from SEO, to blogging and of course social media site coverage. Our SOCIAL REALTY show has been running now since 2012 and previous recorded shows can be viewed on from within RTV’s marketing center. All customers are encouraged to attend, take notes and share their discoveries with their own customers to strengthen customer retention. Everyone learns something useful on this show!



Virtual Tour Photography Webinar

Do you want to delve deeper and grow your knowledge of photography?  Would you like to apply those techniques toward running your photography and virtual tour business? Join Jason Stringham in RTV’s newest webinar series, “Through the Lens”. Jay has been shooting professionally since 1994, primarily in the portrait and wedding industry. He brings years of experience to this fun and fast-paced show. Always open to learning from others input and experiences, Through the Lens seeks to expand our understanding of photography and business by drawing on Jay’s successes and failures as well as the experiences of other industry professionals and photographers in the RTV network. Through the Lens will cover topics from techniques to business best practices. Through the Lens has been running since 2014 and previous recorded shows can be viewed on from within RTV’s marketing center. We hope you will join us for these shows and never stop learning!


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