How Our Virtual Tour Software Works


A virtual tour is a visual presentation of several types of media that may include still photos, panoramic photos, and HD video. These presentations often have additional features such as voice over narrations, music, and weekly traffic reporting.

Our industry leading Fusion virtual tour system will play all types of panoramic photos, still photos as well as HD images and is packed with the features listed above and much more! 


Virtual Tour Software & Creation Process

At RTV, we’re all about quick and easy when it comes to using our Virtual Tour Software. Using the RTV Tour Builder Kits, the tour creator takes a series of still images with the camera mounted on its side on our Custom Rotator, which achieves a wide-angle view. The RTV rotator takes a maximum of 12 photos at a pre-specified overlap. These photos are then seamlessly stitched into a 360-degree panorama using our Photo Stitching Process. Depending on the width of your lens, you might only need to take 6, 4, or in some cases only 3 images to complete a full 360. Below are the easy steps involved in creating, customizing, and distributing virtual real estate property tours using our software:

  • Set up the tripod with attached rotator and camera in the best available viewing spot (usually the middle of the room). Use the bubble indicators on our rotator to ensure that your camera is level from front to back and side to side.
  • Start taking photos of the property from left to right. Each time a new photo is taken, turn the rotator to the right until you feel it click into place before taking the next picture.
  • Continue taking images until all desired rooms are photographed. Most real estate virtual tours will require about 4 – 10 panoramic scenes and 20 – 50 standard still photos to adequately showcase the property.
  • We recommend taking all of your panoramic scenes first, followed by your still images, if the client has ordered any full motion video scenes, you can capture those at the end.
  • You will repeat the steps above as you complete each order throughout the day. Most RTV virtual tour providers are able to complete and deliver six to ten jobs a day using our proven method and virtual tour software.
  • Back at your office you will then need to use a photo stitching software to assemble your panoramas.  We recommend PTGUI for this task. Once the panoramic images are stitched and edited along with your still photos and any video clips you’re ready to upload your finished media to the RTV virtual tour software system.
  • Login to your Fusion Tour Management System. Simply click the “Create New Tour” button and you will be prompted to select the folder that contains your media for that particular property. Our system will then upload your media, resize, compress, and prepare your virtual tour for high definition playback. We use cloud-based hosting technology and guarantee 100% up time. As soon as your tour is uploaded, our servers automatically perform the following tasks:
    • Tours are assigned a unique identification number
    • Each tour is scanned for city, state, zip code, and listing number
    • Tours are customized with owner/realtor theme, photo, logo, and contact information
    • Buttons and features are automatically added to the Tools section of your presentation, including Google Map, Google Satellite, Local City and School Info, Email to Friend, Add to Favorites, Send to Social Networking Sites, Mortgage Info, and more
  • You will then have the option to further enhance your presentation by performing any of the following tasks:
    • Organize your media using our easy drag and drop manager creating a start-to-finish path that your virtual tour will follow during playback.
    • Edit or customize any sill image effects using our built-in Ken Burns editor
    • Modify and fine tune any panoramic effects, rotation directions, and rotation speed
    • Choose from many pre-defined custom themes or create your own
    • Add interactive and animated hot spots that can link to audio files, full motion video clips, other websites, or scenes within your presentation
    • Use one of our five built-in animated voice-over talents to narrate your virtual tour or use our Cloud Recorder to narrate your own tour
    • Turn on any of our five lead capture options to ensure that your customer will get the most out of your virtual tour
    • Design an elegant printable flyer using one of our preset flyer templates or create your own
    • Enhance your virtual tour with a fully interactive floor plan!
    • Use our EasyMLS feature to populate the most popular MLS fields saving you hours of data entry
    • Completely private label your tour links and URLS
    • Generate a gorgeous single property website
    • Link your YouTube account so your entire presentation is automatically converted to video and sent to YouTube with the push of a button
    • Edit virtual tour META data to increase your tour’s search engine rankings with our SpiderLink technology
    • Place any advertisers onto your virtual tours which will be rotated and displayed in the lower left side of your virtual tour as a clickable link to your advertisers website
    • Preview your completed virtual tour
    • Send your completed virtual tour to your customer, giving them options, to embed code, download (offline tour), MLS compatible tour and more

For a full list of the powerful Fusion virtual tour system features please visit our Marketing Tools page. RealTour Fusion has more features than any other virtual tour system and we’re adding more each week! Your client will automatically receive a weekly traffic report, which will show them how many visits their tour receives on a daily and monthly basis. Our reports will even show how many mobile users viewed the virtual tour, how many leads have been generated, how many times the QR code has been scanned and how long the average user spends looking at the virtual tour. Our DeepStats are so amazing that your clients will rave about them. Best of all, they come from you!

Fusion Interactive Virtual Media Presentations Look Better

From start to finish, this entire process typically takes about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the property. Most real estate virtual tours are photographed in 20 to 45 minutes. The back office work listed above will take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many add-ons your client has ordered. RTV will help you price your add-ons accordingly. Real estate virtual tours will bring you a high volume of work, while business and commercial virtual tours will earn  you a higher return on your time. Throughout a given year most real estate tours will yield an average of $150.00 to $250.00 in profit while business and commercial virtual tours will average several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Your virtual tour will be securely stored on our servers, where you can enjoy unlimited usage and edits. Real Estate virtual tours never expire.

rotatorMain Click photos to see larger images

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Why do you need the RTV Rotator (Panoramic Tripod Head) above?

The purpose of a panoramic tripod head as shown above is to allow you to accurately position your camera so that when you turn it, you’re turning it about the VERY center of your cameras lens known in the industry as the nodal point (no-parallax-point). When you rotate your digital camera about this point you’re able to completely avoid parallax errors in your images which lead to stitching errors. This is not something that can be achieved by using an ordinary bogen, or slick leveler head that sits on top of your tripod. Even if your tripod flips to one side you would not be rotating accurately about your nodal point. As you can see in the photographs above, the RTV Rotator will screw on top of the leveling part of your tripod.

All professionals within the virtual tour industry use a panoramic head. Parallax errors WILL result in a poor quality picture, massive stitching errors, longer tour creation time and frustration. No matter how many tours you would like to create on a monthly basis you’ll want to make sure you have a panoramic head so you can get the best possible pictures and therefore create the best possible panoramic images for your customers. Our RTV Rotator or panoramic tripod head also makes shooting the pictures much more systematic, and simple so this means that you will spend less time trying to stitch the pictures together afterwards and therefore run a profitable virtual tour business.