Panoramic Photography Hardware

On this page, you will learn more about the panoramic rotator heads that allow you to produce stunning 360 photos for your virtual tour presentations. Creating panoramic photos is completely optional with our virtual tour platform. Fusion also is a great place to showcase still images and full HD Video. 



Assembling the RTV Rotator with Your DSLR Camera

Your RTV Sales Rep will let you know if your camera is compatible upon your initial conversation, but feel free to check for yourself by examining the images below.  Your camera must have a tripod screw mount to work with the RTV X3 and XS Rotators.




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Built with a vertical rotating arm that allows for multi-row shooting, the RTV XS Rotator is capable of both spherical and cylindrical panoramas. Included in the design is a quick release system for quick setup and tear down.  The XS can support loads up to 20lbs and is built for the working virtual tour professional. 

To create cylindrical panoramas on this rotator, full frame cameras can use lenses that are 28mm or wider, while crop sensor cameras can have up to a maximum focal length of 20mm. 

For spherical panoramas, full frame cameras with fisheye lenses wider than 160° are compatible, or crop sensor cameras with circular fisheye lenses at 180° field of view. The XS rotator comes with a mounting plate specifically designed for use with DSLR’s and fisheye lenses, allowing user to complete an entire 360×180 degree spherical panorama in as few as 4 shots. Spherical panoramas can be used to create RTV highlights style and walkthrough 3d VR tours. Spherical panoramas look great in our Fusion virtual tour player as well.

For more information on compatible camera and lens combinations, please check our Recommended Equipment page for more information. The XS is available for $400.

XS Panorama Rotator



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Flash Bracket

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The RTV Flash Bracket attaches to the XS and X3 Rotators, as well as all previous Universal models.  This bracket allows for a camera flash unit to be positioned above both the camera and lens to reduce uneven shadows and increase stitching accuracy when shooting with flash.  It also allows for a camera flash to be used with longer lens hoods without casting a shadow.  The RTV Flash Bracket attaches to compatible camera flashes with the included thumb screw for quick setup. The Flash Bracket is available for $50.

Panorama Rotator Flash Bracket