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John Bradford Photography is a locally owned Redding, CA virtual tour and marketing company owned and operated by John Bradford.

RTV understands that building virtual tours, achieving maximum exposure, and online digital marketing does take real time and is not for everyone. That’s why we have built up the largest virtual tour provider network in the World and have a representative in the Redding market to help you out. We guarantee full coverage in your area and you can find detailed information about your virtual tour provider below. If you prefer to shoot your own virtual tours with our virtual tour software in Redding, CA or surrounding areas, you can also contact your virtual tour provider below and they will provide details about that option as well.

About This Redding Virtual Tour Company

redding-virtual-toursJohn Bradford is the primary photographer for “Redding Virtual Tours” and “John Bradford Photography”. John offers 25 years of experience specializing in virtual tours, panoramic and night still photography. John’s clients include many of Redding’s top producing real estate agents as well as the exclusive cover photographer for The Real Estate Book. John’s motto is “Just say it with a great photograph”. Order your Redding virtual tours today!


John Bradford
Redding Virtual Tours
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