Lesa Simonson & Erin Waterhouse

The Challenge:

Lesa Simonson and Erin Waterhouse from Virtual View 360 were not rookies in business by any means.After being in the real estate photography and virtual tour business for seventeen years for the first time ever, they found that their photography business was slowly starting to drift in the wrong direction.  The last several years had certainly not been like they were in the earlier days. They were used to being untouchable. Now, the competition was everywhere, new property website services were nibbling away at their business, drone pilots were turning into virtual tour providers, and there was another Matterport service provider popping up on every other block. The once-dominant “Duo” photo force in Kansas City was starting to blend in with all the other services out there and lose their once sharp edge on the marketplace. They needed a reboot.

Our Solution:

After a one-hour call with Lesa and Erin, we knew exactly what they needed.  They had a HUGE following that they had developed over the years.  Most Realtors in the area knew of them and were on their mailing list. They had all the necessary gear needed for creating panoramas, and their still photos were best in class. What they needed was an updated and modern-looking virtual tour hosting/property website platform mixed with the right marketing plan to jump start things again for them. All the ingredients for success were right in front of us. With the right training plan, and some help getting the word out with RTV’s unique marketing methods, these girls were about to kick business, in Kansas City, into overdrive again. The plan began and we worked together on their complete photography and tour company makeover.  The rest is a success story history!

All the ingredients for success were right in front of us.


Good things can really come from spam. Ok, well, this was not truly spam, but it was an email from RTV that we were not ready for. Erin and I had signed up for RTV’s virtual staging system many years ago. For some reason, we never looked at their photo delivery and hosting platform for virtual tours and property websites. One day we received an update email from RTV talking about virtual staging and something about the email caught Erin’s eye (she’s our in-house investigator). Erin sent the email over to me, and any email from Erin always gets my immediate attention. A few clicks into the email and onto RTV’s website, and it didn’t take us long to get RTV on the phone. It was immediate.

For the last thirteen or so years, Virtual View 360 has created a wish list of our own. It’s a list of services that we have wanted, over the years, to provide to our clients. After a 3-wayconversation with Jason, which I later learn I had crossed paths with in 2002 when initially starting the business, it took us less than a minute to know this was our future path. The multimedia platform is EVERYTHING that we wanted and have wanted from the start! Imagine walking into a store with every article of clothing available to you that you have dreamt of for years, all in your size! Yeah, amazing.

It was the absolute worst timing, as I was leaving for a vacation that was planned for the first time in over nine years in the following days. This call and email took place in early December,the slowest month of the year, and we didn’t care! We bought as many tours as we possibly could and then when I returned, we bought more! On my arrival home, we worked day and night on all our new content and marketing materials that we would soon roll out on January 1, 2020.All I can tell you is that this decision to update our system and provide a service to our fellow clients and friends, has been by far, the best business decisions we have made. We are providing spatial professional photography, 3D virtual tours, drone photography and video services,virtual staging, and the best part: the platform holds multiple types of media! Our clients access their media from one source. Wow!

Our mentors are thrilled; we are cutting edge; our clients are amazed. Find out what they have said at or on Google. We are constantly ranking top of the list in Kansas City on Google thanks to the SEO. Our team adapted to the system within days, and this has quickly become our staple product! Every photo package we sell now comes with our Virtual Tour platform. Oh, BTW, it’s only March 9 th , 2020, and we have TRIPLED our year-to-date gross income over last year in two months and last week we got a phone call from a very large office with just over 550 active realtors. They saw our new virtual tours and social media videos and as of today have officially decided to move all of their photography, property website and virtual tour business over to us! They had their IT guy sit down with us and he had no questions and was thrilled with all the technology. This windfall of business is just amazing!

Lastly, we would like to add, that the staff that at RTV works as we do. They are fast, efficient,understanding, and know the importance of AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Nothing gets missed. You always feel like you are part of a bigger team. I just can’t say enough about this part.It’s key to work with someone you can trust and communicate with easily. They are our KEY!Need we say more? Thanks RTV! We are going to be super-stars!

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