Virtual Tour Software Features

Welcome to RTV’s Fusion virtual tour system features page. Since 1999 RTV has offered professional photographers and entrepreneurs worldwide the very best in virtual tour software technology. Fusion is our fifth release, and by far our most powerful. This dynamic system puts the most powerful photography, panorama, video, and audio playback engine in your creative hands. Everything you want in a virtual tour and online presentation is possible with Fusion. With our gorgeous virtual tour templates, unique feature sets, virtual tour layouts, and fully responsive HTML 5 virtual tour technology, RTV has you poised to dominate in your local market and beyond. Take your time and explore the many options that are available to you and your clients. When you’re ready, set up your RTV account off our home page and start publishing. With Fusion, you’re only limited by your imagination. Enjoy the many features, and make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter as new features are released and announced on a monthly basis.

Our Fully Responsive HTML 5 Virtual Tour Player is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

HTML 5 Player

Responsive HTML 5 Virtual Tour Player

RTV’s HTML 5 virtual tour player displays HD stills, HD panoramas, and 1080 HD full-motion video in one interactive media player at lightning-fast speeds! Now you can publish panoramas in a variety of formats—from cylindrical to 360 X 180 spherical, and even vertical panoramas—with breathtaking results. You’ll love our streaming HD video playback too!



Looking for a way to ‘WOW’ visitors and customers with your virtual tours? Fusion’s latest and greatest feature will grab their attention with something they’ve never seen before, an outer space fly in! AstroZoom lets you zoom in from outer space directly to any property or business. We’ll create a powerful, visually stunning HD video that starts with a view of Earth from space, and then slowly zeroes in on the listing or business. This feature is a special handmade add-on that only costs $10.00 per production.

Individual Download

Individual Download

RTV makes downloading images easy, even for tech-challenged customers. Instead of downloading all the images in one large zip file that may confuse the customer, the Individual Download page displays a gallery of thumbnail images. The customer can simply click the download button to instantly download an image to their computer.  For those with tech savvy customers, a .zip feature is also available.

Tiny URLs


Instantly transform your long virtual tour link into a smaller, more manageable URL with TinyTURLS (Tiny Tour URLs). Each time you publish a new virtual tour production RTV’s Fusion system automatically generates a custom, short URL that points directly to your online virtual tour. Use our TinyTURLS feature when you’re looking to save space in any of your print ads, in MLS systems that require shorter URLs, or when tweeting a tour.


AudioPal - Text to Speech

RTV’s new AudioPal allows you to choose from five of our text-to-speech professionals that will automatically narrate your virtual tours. AudioPal simply reads the text-based scene descriptions as the images transition in the Fusion player. This unique system works on a scene by scene basis or on a per tour basis for an overall summary.  For further customization you can also upload a professional voice-over or insert individual scene-by-scene narrations of your choosing. Enjoy unlimited use of RTV’s AudioPal system for a small annual fee.

RTV Radio

Tired of the same song playing over and over on your virtual tour presentations?  With RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour system, you can choose from a selection of your favorite tracks to play during a specific presentation. If the viewer is still watching your presentation when the first song completes, Fusion simply queues up the next song in line. At RTV, we’re all about keeping you ahead of the competition and your viewers engaged!

Integrate Full-Motion Streaming Video into your Virtual Tour Productions!

Cloud Recorder

Cloud Recorder Voiceover System

Other platforms that support voiceover narration require you to use third-party software to create your narrations. With RTV’s advanced Cloud Recorder, you can simply use your computers built-in microphone and your internet connection to add high quality narrations to any of your online virtual tours. Use it scene by scene or as a tour overview!

My Audio


Do you have a preferred collection of royalty-free music clips that your clients love? Now you can save time by uploading your favorite audio files to your MyAudio library for future use. With RTV there’s no need to continually upload the same clip over and over again—we store your clips right in your profile for quick and easy access.

Easy MLS


Inputting MLS data, (Property Description, Beds, Baths, etc.) into your real estate productions has never been easier with RTV’s Fusion system. Yes, we have literally thought of everything! Input your listings MLS number, click a single button, and all of the pertinent listing data appears automatically in your tours amenity fields, including description, beds, baths, square footage, garage, neighborhood, price, and more! Each month our EasyMLS feature will save you hours of precious time inputting listing details. EasyMLS is yet another feature that sets RTV’s Fusion above the rest.

Spider Links

SpiderLinks 2.0

It’s a proven fact that there’s no better ranking virtual tour on the market than one from RTV. RTV virtual tours are known to pull rank in the search engines on property address, business name and even in some cases agent or tour owner name! Fusion kicks it up a notch by giving you, the virtual tour provider, even more control on how your virtual tours will rank and on what keywords. Now you can easily modify underlying virtual tour META Data for your customers. That’s the amazing freedom that Fusion gives you. Not sure what to put into the fields? Don’t worry because our system will automatically input the most logical choices so your virtual tour productions will rank naturally in the search engines.

Built-in Property Marketing Tools to Enhance End-User Experience!


Auto Flyer Generator

Struggling with complex third-party software to make flyers is a thing of the past with Fusion’s built-in Auto Flyer Generator. Fusion comes preloaded with over twenty gorgeous flyer templates and layouts ready for your stunning photography to make them complete. Once your images are uploaded, simply activate the Auto Flyer Generator and viewers will then be able to print out a stunning ‘graphic intensive’ or ‘ink friendly’ flyer.

Auto Flyer Generator


Getting an email with a link to a virtual tour is nice, but getting a slick, well organized and graphically pleasing E-Brochure in your inbox is an experience. When any online viewer uses Fusion’s “send-to-friend” feature, the system will ask whether they’d like to send a plain email with a link to the tour, or the more robust HTML E-Brochure.  It looks GREAT!

Video Ripper


Those of you in video production or property marketing have most likely spent time making a classy-looking video to post on YouTube or WelcomeMat—and you know this takes time, and money. With Fusion you’ll not only save money, you’ll also get high-definition video with unparalleled quality and fast, easy production. Once your virtual tour is finalized, the VideoRipper exports your entire production—stills, panoramas, video clips, music and scene-by-scene narration—into a single video file. Fusion will then automatically post the finished video file to your YouTube account, using your virtual tour description, title, and tags. You can also download the video file for posting to another site or for burning onto a DVD or CD. It’s the easiest video you’ll ever produce!

Private Tour

Private Tour

RTV’s Fusion system is packed with four very powerful lead generation tools.  Our favorite is Private Tour. Simply enable the Private Tour feature in your virtual tour manager and assign a password to the tour. Once enabled, virtual tour viewers will be prompted to input the password before gaining access. Your clients contact information will appear and the visitor will be required to reach out to your client for access. Private tour serves as a wonderful lead generation tool, as well as one more way to give tour owners peace of mind.

Reseller Dashboard

Reseller Dashboard

With most virtual tour systems you must pay either a monthly fee or a per-tour fee with no money coming back to you. With RTV however, when you refer new accounts our way, you’ll also earn extra income by helping RTV establish new national accounts, on-boarding new photographers, and converting “do-it-yourself” offices to the RTV virtual tour system. RTV pays you a generous 20% commission on all accounts that you bring in. Everything is transparent. You can login to your reseller dashboard to see all referred accounts, how much they’ve paid, and of course the commission amounts owed to you. If you have unapproachable offices using a DIY, this is your answer.



Automatically rip any of your virtual tours to a QR code. Want a printable version? Simply enter the size of the QR code you would like to create and our Tour2QR creates a QR code of ANY size for you on the fly. Best of all, RTV’s HitStats will show your clients how many visitors have scanned the QR code each week on mobile devices.

Elegant Layouts, Themes, and Virtual Tour Loader Screens!

RTV Map Widget

RTV Map Widget

Just like Tours2RSS, each virtual tour provider, owner, agent and brokerage is assigned their very own Map Widget to embed into any page of their website. Simply create a virtual tour, add tags with Tagit and check your map to find the tour. Website visitors can search your RTV Map Widget based on location, tour type (tags), price or any other criteria you’ve included. Since your clients virtual tours will be automatically mapped to their websites, you can lock them into using your brand more than ever before—because only RTV virtual tours show up on the RTV Map Widget. Private tours can easily be excluded from displaying on the map with the click of a button. See an RTV Map Widget

Lead Grabber

Lead Grabber

Lead Grabber is great option to turn on that collects data from virtual tour viewers.  When enabled, Lead Grabber prompts users for name, email, phone and comments before they’re able to preview the virtual tour. All data and leads are stored in your clients’ RTV online Toolbox, and can be exported at any time. Users are not required to input data to proceed.


With all of the love for the “Like” button, it was only natural for us to integrate this behavior-based lead generator into Fusion. TourVibes allows for instant feedback by letting users click the “Like” button. Turn on TourVibes and start collecting contact information, comments, and more from visitors. TourVibes writes back to your database and keeps a downloadable log for importing into your favorite CRM.

Freedom Zoom

Freedom Zoom

RTV’s Fusion system is packed with four very powerful lead generation tools.  Our favorite is Private Tour. Simply enable the Private Tour feature in your virtual tour manager and assign a password to the tour. Once enabled, virtual tour viewers will be prompted to input the password before gaining access. Your clients contact information will appear and the visitor will be required to reach out to your client for access. Private tour serves as a wonderful lead generation tool, as well as one more way to give tour owners peace of mind.


Hot Spots 3.0

You’re going to love how RTV’s Fusion virtual tour system animates your HD still images. Our FreedomZoom gives you even more customization options—choose zoom-in or zoom-out, select starting and stopping points, or disable the feature completely. This feature easily allows you to highlight special features throughout the tour. Don’t want to take the time to choose each starting and stopping point? Let Fusion mix it up with our built-in Tour Shaker to completely randomize each still image scene.



Fusion gives each virtual tour provider and their clients an individual RSS feed for their virtual tours. Use the Tours2RSS feed to automatically post each production to your website or blog without lifting a finger. Want to get fancy? Use the Tours2RSS feed to create an automatic HotSheet that gets emailed out to your clients after you complete a set number of new tours. Get social and connect your Tours2RSS feed to your HootSuite account to have each virtual tour you create automatically posted to your favorite social sites! Tour2RSS is available on the RTV provider level, the client/realtor level and also on the broker level. When used to its full potential, Tours2RSS is a HUGE time saver.

Individual Media Gallery Link for Instant Access!


Single Property Website Maker

Single Property Websites are a breeze with Fusion’s built-in Single Property Website Maker. We first check to see if your domain name is available.  If it is, then you can purchase it directly though Fusion for a small, one-time fee.  Once your domain name is registered we’ll automatically setup the forwarding and masking for you, and we’ll even setup a reminder for you to renew your domain name sixty days prior to its expiration the following year. A professional site in less than five minutes!

Smart Titles

Smart Titles

Save time editing your virtual tours by using Smart Titles to quickly name your virtual tour scenes.  As you begin to enter a scene title, RTV’s Smart Titles feature will pop up and supply a quick pick list of scene names that you have used before for you to choose from, such as Living Room, Master Bedroom, and more. You can also edit and modify your Smart Titles list to match your preferred titles.

Client Toolbox

Client Toolbox

At the end of the day what you’re looking for is more time—to write proposals, to go after new clients, to reset, realign, and to refocus. With our white labeled Client Toolbox you can train your customers to make updates in a snap. They can log in and make quick edits, such as price changes, profile adjustments, image arrangement, and more. And while your customers are logged into their toolbox, they’re also able to order additional products and services from you! You have full control of what your clients can edit and access.

Double Agent

Double Agent

Creating virtual tour presentations for multiple agents or teams is easy with RTV’s Fusion system. Simply click on our Co-Agent button under the edit screen to add a second agent to the listing, and our media player will elegantly fade in and out from one agent to the next, displaying each individuals photo and contact information. 


MyGallery 2.0

Virtual tour galleries just got a lot more impressive with our Google Map-enabled MyGallery pages. When you create a new virtual tour, your MyGallery page, as well as your clients MyGallery page, will populate the new tour. When embedded into websites, these pages become a searchable Google Maps style page that will display the virtual tour inventory like never seen before.

Tour Calender

Tour Calendar

With RTV’s advanced Tour Calendar scheduler and reminder system, you’ll never forget to invoice a client for an annual fee, renew your syndication, or renew your single property websites. Simply set it and forget it—until our system reminds you, of course! By default, your Tour Calendar is set to remind you sixty days prior to an event.

Drag and Drop Manager

Drag & Drop Manager

On most virtual tour hosting platforms, organizing dozens of still images, panoramas, and video clips after your initial upload is a lengthy process. However, within Fusion we’ve created a very simple drag and drop method that allows for rapid scene sorting. From your manager you’ll see all of your images and media on one screen. Simply click, drag and drop media from one position to the next. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s only from RTV!

Smart Profiles

RTV’s new Smart Profiles will save you hours of time each month! Each client’s profile now remembers tour speed preferences, color scheme, theme layout, preferred flyer layout, button preferences, and much more! With RTV, there’s no publishing a virtual tour and referring back to a check list for each customer just to finalize their virtual tour.  Simply complete the production and deliver the links!

Weekly Seller's Report

HitStats 2.0 - Deep Statistics

Fusion takes virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you and your clients with more data than ever. We now feature a full breakdown of traffic and stats by day, month, quarter, and year. You’ll see the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, and viewed on a mobile phone. Fusion also tracks the number of times various tools are used, like the E-Flyer and the Printable Brochure. Now, you can log into your tour manager and access a virtual tour’s entire history in just one click. HitStats can even be set by you to email out weekly or monthly to your clients! All reports are automatically sent to your customers from YOUR email address.

Tour Tags

Tagit - Virtual Tour Tags & Meta Data

Tagit is a fantastic feature that gets your virtual tours more views from the RTV virtual tour portal (, Google, YouTube and from your website. Tagit allows you to tag your virtual tours with additional pertinent information about the tour owner, tour type, business, location and any other distinctive features that will help RTV properly categorize and tag your virtual tour for the search engines.  These same tags are used to automatically populate the tag box under the description of your YouTube video.

Status Banners

Status Banners

Fusion has dozens of pre-loaded status banners that generate excitement and a call to action from online shoppers. When you or your client logs into the tour manager and uses the Status Banner feature to mark listings as SOLD, PRICE REDUCED, SALE PENDING, JUST LISTED and more that particular Status Banner will elegantly appear in the upper right corner of your virtual tour window during virtual tour playback.  Status Banner changes will also trigger our Tour Follow system to notify tour followers of status changes.

My Brand


RTV is thrilled to offer our all-new MyBrand private label feature. Now every virtual tour you create will come directly from your own custom domain! It’s your virtual tour business, your SEO power, and your personal brand—all white labeled and powered by RTV.

Package Maker

Fusion is the very first virtual tour solution that allows you to create photography and virtual tour packages inside your Tour Manager. When your clients log into your private branded dashboard, they can choose from many available packages and add-ons that you have pre-created for them. They can then check out using your connected PayPal account or you can have it setup so they create an invoice. All orders are instantly dispatched to you for scheduling and delivery.

Photographer Manager

Fusion has streamlined the management of your 1099 or hired virtual tour photographers. We’ve taken all the innovations from our powerful national Tour Track program and packaged them into your Photographer Manager panel. Now you can easily add new photographers, assign and schedule jobs, and monitor their progress as they deliver the finished productions to your protected account.

Multi-Language Support Engine

“Sprechensie Deutsch?” Fusion does, too! In fact, RTV’s Fusion system is ready to talk to you, and online visitors in any language you choose. Our Multi-Language Support Engine lets anyone in the world enjoy the benefits of RTV’s Fusion system. “Banzai!”

Tour Track

TourTrack 2.0

How would you like to get paid for photography jobs just by being a part of the RTV network? RTV is constantly acquiring new national accounts looking for a professional photography service. Our new TourTrack 2.0 system puts these job dispatches directly into your virtual tour manager for you to pick up, fulfill and get paid on.

Image Delivery Engine

Image Delivery Engine 2.0

Fusion’s Image Delivery Engine is built directly into your virtual tour delivery email. When you’re ready to send your links to your customer, simply check the box next to the Image Delivery Engine and along with the virtual tour links Fusion will send your client a link to download the high-resolution images for print. No need for FTP or third party file share.

3-Way Interactive Floor Plans Enabled for Added Interaction!


The Formula

Every month hundreds of our full service providers log on for two brand new episodes of The FORMULA. The FORMULA is a sales and marketing webinar that is hosted by our Vice President Jason LaVanture and often a guest host. During the webinar, we discuss marketing strategies, interview top RTV providers; train our providers to be the best of the best, and show inside tricks privy only to RTV virtual tour providers.

Often these shows contain polls for our providers and sometimes we allow our members to ask questions and discuss their best marketing strategies. This is how we apply The FORMULA to your business!

The Image

The IMAGE covers introductory and advanced photography tips and reveals how to capture the best images when shooting photography for property marketing purposes. We also explore some useful techniques that our photographers can use to take advantage of Adobe Photoshop, elevated shots, night shots, filter usage, flash usage, and more! The IMAGE is a one hour show and for those just joining the network, we have over thirty past episodes that you can listen to at your leisure.

The IMAGE was originally created to provide RTV photographers with tips and tricks to help improve their photography for our national accounts that are under contract with us. This show has far exceeded our expectations and has helped so many win more business in their local markets too.

Join us each month for the IMAGE and learn how you can capture the perfect IMAGE every time.

Photography Marketing Webinar

Social Realty

Social Realty is a brand new show hosted by RTV’s Social Media Director, Nancy Bain. Nancy is a social marketing guru and has been helping RTV virtual tour providers, real estate agents, brokers, and other companies build a stronger brand by use of social media. Social Realty will be held monthly and RTV virtual tour providers are encouraged to attend these shows to learn tips and tricks they may then share with their customers. 

RTV Blog

The RTV Virtual Tour Blog holds a wealth of information published by our virtual tour providers. This is where you can gain first hand insight into what other RTV providers are doing to increase their virtual tour business. The content is typically updated daily and the blog feed can be subscribed to as well.

Pick up the phone and call some providers from the blog; you will be surprised at how closely RTV providers work with each other.

Rock Pointe Marketing

Our inner circle marketing program through Rock Pointe Marketing (RPM) and Business Resource Center (BRC) were created to help you establish your virtual tour business correctly the FIRST time around and not have to spend, test, refine then spend, test and refine again. Finding the right approach for any business owner is can be very costly.
Based on over a decade of industry experience, we’re able to give your business a road-map for success from day one. At RTV we believe that our success is wholly dependent upon your success. RPM and the BRC will provide you with a step by step guide to getting your virtual tour business started. You will learn everything from what type of insurance to consider to establishing your pricing structure, and so much more.

With the purchase of your RTV package you will have 35 days of unlimited access to RPM and a lifetime of free access to your BRC. You may come and go from RPM as you like as we make new marketing pieces monthly.