Floor Plan Virtual Tours​

Interactive floor plans help viewers visualize your properties!


RTV’s virtual tour software allows users to deliver floor plan enabled virtual tours using several stylish layouts.  Choose our layover feature for an elegant look and feel without sacrificing any viewing space of the images.  Those that prefer a split-screen approach can easily choose this method in our virtual tour software. End-users can hide the floor plan during tour playback or reveal it again by clicking on the floor plan show/hide button.

Our virtual tour software takes floor plans even further by allowing users to add hot spots onto the floor plan. The addition of Hot Spots from within your virtual tours enables users to click from room to room and gain a better understanding of the space.  As the user places the mouse over a camera icon, they can click and move from room to room. When adding hot spots that connect to 360 panoramic images, a “field of view” radar will appear, allowing the user to see which part of the room they’re looking at as they scroll left and right across the panoramic image.  RTV’s floor plan enabled virtual tours are HTML 5 and function correctly across all web-enabled devices. 

If you would like to order a floor plan enabled virtual tour or for pricing, contact us today. This service is available in most locations nationwide and in 27 countries.  If you would prefer to purchase the RTV virtual tour software and create your own floor plan enabled virtual tours the system is also available for purchase. Start by creating a trial account below.  The RTV system includes full training and technical support for our floor plan enabled virtual tour software with the purchase of your virtual tour builder kit. RTV’s virtual tour software is available for purchase for $99.

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