Panoramic Tripod Head – Panohead

Why do you need the RTV Rotator AKA panoramic tripod head? The purpose of a panoramic tripod head is to allow you to accurately position your camera so that when you turn it, you’re turning it about the VERY center of your cameras lens known in the industry as the nodal point (no-parallax-point). When you rotate your digital camera about this point you’re able to completely avoid parallax errors in your images which lead to stitching errors.  This is not something that can be achieved by using an ordinary bogen, or slick leveler head that sits on top of your tripod. Even if your tripod flips to one side you would not be on accurately on your nodal point. As you can see in the photograph below, the RTV Rotator will screw on top of the leveling part of your tripod. All professionals within the virtual tour industry use a panoramic head. Parallax errors WILL result in a poor quality picture, massive stitching errors, longer tour creation time and most likely you not wanting anything to do with the industry overall. No matter how many tours you would like to create on a monthly basis you’ll want to make sure you have a panoramic head so you can get the best possible pictures and therefore create the best possible panoramic images for your customers. Our RTV Rotator or panoramic tripod head also makes shooting the pictures much more systematic, and simple so this means that you will spend less time trying to stitch the pictures together afterwards and therefore run a profitable virtual tour business. panoramic tripod head panohead The RTV Rotators are designed to work with ANY CAMERA AND TRIPOD without the use of additional adapters or hardware. At a lean 1lb 11oz, the Rotator Mini works best with lighter weight digital cameras. Those with digital SLR cameras and seek enhanced control and features should consider our Full Sized rotator included in our Rotator X3. Like our Rotator X3 our Rotator Mini also comes backed with a powerful Lifetime Warranty through RTV! panoramic tripod head

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