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Video Production Errors

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Here’s a list of common problems that can happen with the Video Production feature.

I get this error when trying to Compile my YouTube Video, ‘Each tag should be between 2 and 30 characters in length and total number of characters should be less than 500 (including spaces)’, how do I fix it?

This error pops up because Fusion is pulling the description, tour title, agent info, and company info into the tags. A lot of the time it is because there is too much information between two commas.

For example: ‘1234 chestnut blvd, Beautifully Secluded Lake Front Home, Chicago, Illinois, 85021, RealTourVision, 360 Virtual Tours, ChiTown Real Estate’

These tags will not allow you to Save because the ‘Beautifully Secluded Lake Front Home’ has too many characters between the commas. This is a common issue. You can remove the string of characters entirely. or if you break it up like so: ‘Beautifully Secluded, Lake Front Home’ or something similar, the problem will go away.
Error. Your tour did not contain any scenes with the original images data. In order to create a video, you must re-upload your images.
After 1 year the original media uploaded to a tour is deleted and only the media that has been resized for Fusion is still available. The Video Ripper requires the originals and can not use the resized media. To correct the issue, media will have to be re-uploaded in the Media Manager.
YouTube Error: Video Removed – This video was removed because it was too long
This is due to your YouTube account not being verified. Please see this for more information and how to verify:
For any other issues, please send an email with a screenshot to
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