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Upload Media

Uploading tour content is quick and easy from the Media Manager page:

  • Accepted image formats – .jpeg, .jpg
    • Fusion Default Sizes:
      • Spherical Height: 2500 pixels tall, upload at the min or higher.
      • Cylindrical Panorama Height:  1500 pixels tall, upload at the min or higher.
      • Still Photo Height:   1500-2000 pixels tall
  • Supported File Extensions: .mp4,.mov,.avi,.m4v,.wmv
    • Size: Any size
    • File Size: up to 750MB

Upload Floor Plans

To use Floor Plans on your tour, you will need to upload them on the Upload>Floor Plans page:

You can click Browse and find the files on your computer, or you can simply drag and drop from your file manager. Supported image formats are jpg/jpeg, gif, and png. For an overview of how to incorporate Floor Plans into your tour, see the Knowledge Base article here.

Upload Flyer Only Photos

If you want to upload photos that will not show on the tour, and are only for flyer creation, you can use the Flyer Only Photos uploader:

This option has been basically replaced by the new toggles on the Media Manager page, where you can turn off images from showing on tours/FusionSites, but it does still work. You shouldn’t need the MySize feature, but if your photos are not to the quality that is required, it can be used, just be aware of the notes and make sure your images are no larger than around 5 MB.