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Settings – Profile

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Settings – Profile

Clicking Settings on the main menu, and then Profile on left menu will bring you to the Edit Settings-Profile page, where you can add a profile picture, edit Display Name, your email/login, and change your password:

Make note of the Recommended Dimensions for the profile pic, as this is the optimum size that you want to upload. You can upload other sizes and the system will size them up/down to the recommended dimensions, but you want to make sure the aspect ratio/shape is similar, in this case almost square but a little taller than wide. Just click Choose File, locate the picture on your computer, and then click Save Changes. 

You can add URLs for any social media sites you want to be displayed on your Property Gallery, the link to which is at the bottom, which you can click on to view, or click the pink Copy icon to copy to your clipboard.



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