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The Property Information page is where you can enter all details about the property, and can also use the EasyMLS feature to pull in the property information from


You can use EasyMLS to populate property information:


In this section you have Tour Title and Description, as well as the option to choose a status banner.

Location Information

This is where you enter basic address information. NOTE: The address field will become locked 20 days from publish date (when you click Complete Tour), so any changes will need to be requested by emailing


The system will use the Address field to fetch the correct location of the property, but occasionally, if the property address is new or otherwise not found, the maps will show the property in an incorrect location. You can use these fields to input the coordinates of the property manually if necessary.


This section is where you input the basic details of the property – bedrooms, bathrooms, price, etc.

Loader Tag

You can have custom text here that will show on the Agent card on the loading screen (default player only):


You can upload a PDF attachment (used for plat maps, parcel info, etc.) and/or specify a link to an external URL:

Which will show up when viewing the tour on the Tools menus:


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