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Settings – MyBrand (White Labelling)

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MyBrand Domain

Setting up MyBrand will make it so the links that you send your customers will be branded to your domain, so instead of the default tour links being, they will be (just for example), You can set up MyBrand by going to Settings>MyBrand:

The instructions link will bring up box that explains how you need to set up a CNAME record for your domain. Once you have the CNAME set up, you will need to enter what you set it up as in the Domain box as shown, click the Enable MyBrand switch to green, and then Save. If the CNAME was set up correctly, you will see “MyBrand is working”, if it’s not set up correctly, you will see error and will have to double check  your domain CNAME settings.

Google Map API

In order for maps to display correctly in your tours, you will need to get an API key and enter it in the Google Map API box. Instructional video is below, and can also be accessed by clicking the API Instructions link on the Settings>MyBrand page:

Private Labelled Login

Setting up and enabling the Private Labelled Login allows you to set up a custom subdomain where you can have your agents log in to the system, so instead of them going to to log in, they would go to, which would have your logo instead of the RTV logo. The instructions are on the same link as the MyBrand Domain instructions as shown in image above, but the basic steps are:

1)Create subdomain under your domain, call it whatever you want (login, manage, etc.)

2)Point/forward that subdomain to the link contained in the instructions on the Settings>MyBrand page (shown in image above)

3)Click “Enable Private Labelled Login” switch to green, then click Save.

Here is a video that shows how it will look to your customers when they log in:

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