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IHD (In House Dealer) Agents are real estate agents who have signed up with us to do their own photography and virtual tours, and they also have the option to order services from an assigned FSD (Full Service Dealer) in their area. The IHD area is where you will see any orders placed for you by IHD Agents in your area, and you can choose to accept them or reject them. Please note that only a very small percentage of real estate agents will make the decision to create their own virtual tours. Should one of your customers contact RTV we will immediately let you know. RTV will not set up your clients as an IHD agent without speaking with you first.


The Orders tab will show you orders placed by IHD Agents, which you can accept or reject:

If you Accept the order, you will see buttons where you can then create the tour and (optionally) schedule a shoot:


The Tours tab will show you all tours created for IHD Orders: