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Projects – Overview

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The Projects tab will show you all projects and offer some management functions:

1 – Create New Project

Click here to create a new project

2 – Bulk Actions

You can select all/individual projects with the check boxes, and then use Bulk Actions to Activate, Deactivate, or Delete the selected projects. 

3 – Project Filter

You can filter the project list to show only the projects with the status specified (place cursor over the ? to see list of statuses).

4 – Selection Boxes

You can select individual projects for Bulk Actions, or use the top box to select all on the page.

5 – Quick Links

These three buttons allow you to quickly view the property website, virtual tour, and links to send your customer.

6 – User Information

This area shows the current user assigned to the project. You can click on the user profile pic to go straight to editing the user, or click their email address to send them a quick email.

7 – Status Links

This column displays the project’s status, and you can click the links to quickly complete the project or change it’s status.

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