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On the FSD>Tours tab, you will see over to the right a link for Map Code, RSS Feed, Tour Gallery & Trial Account Code:

This will bring you to a page with various embed codes and RSS feed options:

Map Code

The map code can be used to embed a map with pins on the locations of all your tours on your website:

Trial Account Embed Code

The Trial Account Embed Code can be used to put a form on your website that you can refer other people who may want to use our system, which will give you a commission on their purchases if they end up signing up: 


This is an RSS feed link that can be emailed using the black box below the link and options.

Hot Sheet RSS Email Feed

A Hot Sheet is a list of your most recent real estate virtual tour productions that gets sent out to your customer base on a regular basis as you complete new tours. You simply continue to create new virtual tours and when X number of virtual tours have been created your Hot Sheet will be automatically compiled and an email will be sent to everyone on your Hot Sheet email list. 

Tour Gallery

The tour gallery link is a link to a gallery page showing all virtual tours you’ve done, pinned on a map with links below: