FSD – Packages / Add-Ons

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You can create Packages and Add-Ons that your customers can choose from to place orders in our system:

Creating / Editing Packages

To create a new package, click New – Package, or you can edit an existing package by clicking edit as shown above:

You choose the package name, how many stills/panos it includes, give it a description (optional), and then you can designate who the package is for, which can be specific accounts, or any specific account type (agent, broker, owner). You can also assign Add-ons, which are described below.


Add-ons are extras (Custom domain, AstroZoom, Virtual Staging, etc.) that your customers can order along with a tour package:

They are created/edited the same way as Packages, as shown above, with the only difference being that Add-Ons can be assigned to Packages as well.