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Dashboard – Overview

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When you log in to the system, you are brought to the Dashboard page, on which you will see your most recent tours, available credits, news/announcements, and much more:

1 – Credits

You can see your current credit total here, and if you need to purchase more, simply click on the + sign, which will bring you to page  where you can order more credits, as well as rotators, stitching software, etc.

2 – News / Events

Keep an eye out here for important news and updates, and you can also register for upcoming webinars.

3 – Recent Projects

This is a list of recent projects, where you can quickly view the tour, property website, links, or click Edit to get in and edit the project.

4 – Customizable Information

Here are a group of windows that show some quick information about recent orders, messages, Tour Track job offers, etc. You can customize what is shown here by going to Settings>Dashboard Controls, and turn on/off any information you want displayed or hidden.

5 – Preferred Vendors

Here you will find some additional services that you may want to use to enhance your projects, purchase camera equipment, and other services you may find helpful.

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