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Creating a video of your tour

Video Productions are a free service we offer to record an MP4 video of your tour. Any media marked “Rip To Video” in the Media Manager:

will be included in the Video Production, including stills, panos, and video clips. You can also automatically post the video to YouTube if you link an account with Fusion.

1. Open a tour for editing.

2. Click the “Video Creator” link under Tools in the sidebar.

3. Toggle the Compile Video setting to green.

4. To post the resulting video to YouTube, also toggle the Post to YouTube setting to green. This can also be done after the video has been Compiled.

Video options should be set before proceeding. To see a visual guide, click here for an explanation.

5. Click Save

The Video Status should now show “Queued”. The Estimated Finish time takes tour runtime and current server load into consideration, but will often over estimate the time until the video is actually finished.

6. Once the Video Status shows Ready, you can download the video by clicking the Tour Video link. You can also find a Tour Video download link in the red section of the Deliverables page.

The Title and Tags fields are required, but all 3 should be filled in automatically.

If you experience any errors, click here to try and resolve them.



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