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Are Tours ADA Compliant?

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ADA Compliance

What’s ADA? And what does it do?

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. Its standards are for accessible design, which states that all electronic and information technology (like websites, property sites, and virtual tours) must be accessible to people with disabilities. This compliance allows the virtual tour to be used by those with disabilities.

What features are forced ON when using the ADA setting under Tour Options?

Fusion Slim Player

Scene Titles

What features are forced OFF when using the ADA setting under Tour Options?


Tour Details Page

Fusion Slim Agent/ Owner Info

Slim Carousel

Slim Drop Down Menu

Scene Description

Media Gallery

Are there ADA Keyboard controls for those with disabilities to use?

Yes.  When the tour is fully loaded, you can use the following keyboard keys to interact with the tour!

Keyboard Controls

1: Use the TAB key to manually select from left to right on the navigation and select each navigation followed by the ENTER key to activate an action on the navigation.

2: The next keys allow you to interact with the current scene to pan up and down on the scene. Those key LETTERS are W,A,S,D.

3: SPACE BAR allows you to pause and play the current scene in order to interact with the rest of the scene.

4: The Bottom right side of the keyboard are the ARROW keys, these keys allow you to go to the next and previous scenes in the tour.

5: the ENTER key allows you to activate an action when selecting with the TAB key.

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