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The Additional Services section has options for different add-ons you can use for your tour:

Virtual Staging

RTV offers both full service and do-it-yourself virtual staging. For an overview of both options, click here to go to our website (opens in new tab), which has an order form for full service, as well as a video overview showing how to use the software for do-it-yourself staging.

Custom Domains

Custom Domains allow you to purchase a domain that’s specific to your property, for example,, and have that go either to the virtual tour, the FusionSite, or a custom URL that can be anything:


AstroZooms are short (~:50 seconds) videos that show a fly-in from space, down to and around the area, and finally zoom in close to the property itself. You can also choose to add property lines for a small upcharge ($5 base). Here is an example of an AstroZoom with property lines added:

To order, double check Tour Title, verify location, choose any options, check Location Confirmed, and then Order:


AudioPal is a subscription service that gives you the ability to create text-to-speech narrations for your tours, both tour-level narration and scene-level. You simply type in what you want it to say, choose from dozens of different voice options, and it will generate an audio file that you can use on your tour. You can use the link under Additional Services to request a trial period, or to purchase a subscription:

Once you have an active subscription, you will have AudioPal available in the Background Music/Narration section when editing a tour.


Each tour has a FusionSite created by default, at no additional charge. Please see the KB article here that goes over details.

3D VR Headset Tour

If you have spherical panoramas on your tour, you can order a VR tour that can be linked to from within the regular tour. Clicking the link under Additional Services will take you to the order form here. To see an example of a tour with a VR tour attached, click here (click goggles icon in lower left corner of tour).

Google Moderation Service

Google Street View | Trusted Tours can be found in Google Search Results, Google Maps, and Google + and are optimized to work with all internet devices mobile and static. Google Tours help entice potential customers by appearing high in the search engine rankings and allowing them to virtually walk through your business from the convenience of their smart device or home computer. RTV is a Google Trusted Agency, and offers moderation service to our photographers, where you can upload your panos to us and we’ll get them published on Google. Here is an example of a Google Street View tour done by RTV, and here is a link to the ordering page.

Social Media Video

You can create a video version of any tour on the Video Production/Promotion page, and the Social Media Video is an optional add-on where we take the full video and cut it down to 1:00, which can then be posted on any social media site, as some have restrictions on video length, but 1:00 is acceptable on all.