Explanation of Video Production Options

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Video Settings

Video Title Enabled – Show the Tour Title in the Intro and Overlay

Video Address Enabled – Show the Property Address in the Intro and Overlay

Still Photo Resizing – How to resize an image if it is not already in a 16×9 format.

Crop will cut off the top/bottom or left/right until the image fills the frame. Will not add black bars

Scale will resize the image to fit everything inside the frame, while keeping the original ratio. Will add black bars

Intro Title Scene Enabled – Show the Intro Title Scene which contains Title, Address, and the Tour Agent’s/Co-Agent’s Photo and Logo if enabled below

Video Overlay Enabled – Show the top video overlay

Closing Title Scene Enabled – Show the Closing Title Scene which contains all the enabled information below


User Information Settings

Agent Information Enabled – Enable settings in the Agent Information section

Co-Agent Information Enabled – Enable settings in the Co-Agent Information section


FSD, Tour Agent / Owner, and Co-Agent Information

Logo / Company Logo – The logo in the Company page

Phone – The phone number in the Profile page

Website / Company Website – The website in the Company page

Profile Photo – The photo in the Profile page

Fax – The fax number Profile page

Email – The email in the Profile page