RTV, Inc & GRC – Global Referral Center

GRC Members Will Receive ALL Primary RTV BOOST Marketing Features Below for a
One-Time $75 Agent/Office setup fee & $15 Per Agent/Month with GRC Discount


Primary RTV BOOST Marketing Features:

Add-On RTV BOOST Marketing Features:

  • Single property website domain registration – www.AnyStreet.com ($15)
  • DIY virtual staging ($15/photo)
  • Full-Service virtual staging ($35/photo)
  • Social media videos with agent branding – https://youtu.be/W1YEUuXYZ0E ($12)
  • AstroZoom space-to-Earth flyover – https://youtu.be/TI7jt52n56g ($10-$15)
  • AudioPal text-to-speech narration system ($119/yr)