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\What is a flash virtual tour?

At RTV, Inc the creation of a flash real estate tour is quite similar to our original java based virtual tours from years ago. The end user on the internet is provided with a graphical representation of a property via an internet browser. It is usually a simulation of a location that actually exists and consists of panoramas or stills of the actual location. In order to make the flash virtual tour more engaging the users of our Tour Builder 4.0 Online typically will add in music, voice-overs, video clips, texts, narrations, advertisers and others. Finally to look at any RTV virtual tour from 2010 forward should be quite simple since 98% of all computers support flash. Should a user not have flash installed in their computer the virtual tour will then default to a java virtual tour automatically.

RTV flash panorama tours support hotspots which enable our users to link to other scenes within the virtual tour or to a website when clicked on. Our panoramic flash tours also support our new HD Full Screen mode which allows the flash player to expand the image and player to fill an entire screen of their computer.

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What is the demand for flash virtual tours?
Today, both real estate agents and business owners desire to have interactive flash virtual tours which allow a user to look at properties and businesses from the comfort of their home. RTV has seen tremendous growth since 1999 as nearly 50% of all real estate agents now desire to utilize some form of flash panorama tour with listing presentations. It is our strong feeling this number will continue to rise as market awareness and sellers continue to demand such services from a listing agent. The great thing about using these fullscreen virtual tours for real estate or business promotion is that clients can look at the properties without being even there. Web browsers can navigate through floors by clicking in maps and can easily move between rooms and have a clear image of the property without being there in person. Of course this saves billions of hours of time each year and millions of gallons of gasoline. Our full screen flash tours are the green way to go!

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Is there proof that Flash Virtual Tours are effective?

Yes indeed there is. Real estate and business websites with virtual tours have proven to be effective in attracting more buyers – thereby increasing sales. 85% of home buyers find photographs useful. 83% found detailed property information useful and 61% found virtual tours VERY useful according to the 2010 NAR home buyers and sellers guide. This comes as no surprise since a comprehensive virtual tour can help any real estate broker or business owner sell properties and products faster and easier by increasing exposure to the maximum level. RTV provides its network with several hard hitting facts such as the one above to help our providers during a sales pitch or listing presentation.

We encourage prospective tour providers to learn more about the tour industry and contact an RTV sales representative at any time if you have questions on how we compare to other virtual tour software companies.

Just know that we are one of the oldest companies offering interactive flash tours in the industry and that means technology shoppers, our customers, and their clients get only the best and most experienced advice and help from our staff. We look forward to hearing from and speaking with you today!

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