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Flash Panorama – 360 Flash Panorama Software

RTV’s entire virtual tour software system just recently went to three modes of viewing.  Where previously we only offered two, both flash and java, we now offer Java, Flash and Flash High Definition. Flash VR panoramas are used to show a virtual environment in 360 degree field of view, with the internet viewer feeling like they are actually standing inside of the virtual place and looking out from the center of the location. To create Flash VR panoramas with the RTV system you will first need to shoot some panoramas with your camera mounted on our panoramic tripod head, stitch the images, then export the panorama to Flash VR which is based on the Adobe Flash Player and used to view 360 degree panoramic photos on a computer using keyboard and mouse.

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What is a Flash Panorama and why RTV uses the Flash player? Adobe Flash a multimedia platform created by Macromedia, currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems (Yes the PDF people). Flash has been around since the late nineties and has become a popular method for adding animation and interactive media to web pages. Flash is commonly used to create animations, interactive web pages, website ads, a variety of web page components, video, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications like our flash panorama player. Now don’t get us wrong we still feel very good about our Java player since it has its own advantages, but Java is a bit harder to use on the web and tends to be a bit larger in size and more of a drain on system memory. On the contrary, Flash player has incredible reach and is perfect when used as our online panorama player. Almost every computer has the Flash player these days which means we don’t have to worry about people coming to our site who can not see our panoramas. How do I make a Flash panorama? The RTV system supports many types of images so if you’ve already got 360 degree panorama images for publishing in our Flash viewer, it is quite easy to publish your panorama tours simply by logging into your virtual tour manager. Don’t have access to our tour manager? Call us today for a free test drive! For those of you that don’t already have 360 panoramas you can use our virtual tour software. With our virtual tour software, you can stitch 360 degree panoramas automatically and then publish the panoramas to full screen Flash viewer though our TMS. This process takes about 20 minutes per home/property tour. How to embed Flash panorama to websites? Generally speaking, there are two ways. One is, using <iframe></iframe> to embed the Flash panorama directly to the webpage. The panorama tour published by RTV creates several files and the beginning page starts the tour. So after uploading all the published tour files to the server, just login to your TMS, click on alternate deliverables and insert this code on the webpage you want to play the panorama tour when the webpage loads: <iframe src="" height="349" width="560" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" style="border:0px;"></iframe> The other way is to trigger the panorama tour starting page using image links or text links. Like the samples found in the RTV Virtual Tour Gallery.

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