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How to use a Flash Panorama Player – 360 Flash Player

The RTV Flash Panorama Player can deliver your panoramas in several formats. Our most common formats are listed below and explained for you and your webmaster. When your flash virtual tour is delivered to you, you will receive an email with two (2) separate and unique links. Depending on which link you use the behavior of the virtual tour will be slightly different. One link is for branded virtual tours and one for unbranded virtual tours. HTML code that puts a “Take the Tour” button on your website is also included. Virtual Home Tour Is one link better than the other? Does one flash panorama player out perform another? It really depends on your website. Link # 3 with HTML code will call more attention to your flash panoramas and the end results will be higher traffic However, it can not be used on all websites out there. Many real estate websites are programmed to support 360 flash players and will require you to drop in link # 1. Many of these sites will create their own button when a link is dropped in. An MLS board that doesn’t allow branding will require the use of Option 2.

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How to Embed a Flash Panorama Player Sometimes the very best part of having a virtual tour is dedicating a single page that proudly displays your virtual tour as soon as somebody goes to that page. For this you will want to try embedding your virtual tour into your website. This is a GREAT option for those of you who purchase our commercial and business virtual tour packages. Please note that embedding the flash virtual tour will require full access to your website and we highly recommend that you place the flash player on a page of it’s own. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will gladly help you embed your virtual tour into a page on your website. To start embedding flash panorama player simply click on the code below and download our zip file. Replace the tour type and the tour ID where applicable and launch your page. Are you interested in learning more about our panoramic flash tours? If you want to start a business creating virtual tours or if you are an agent that wants to create your own virtual home tours, contact us today.

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