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No Annual Fees for Choice Hotel Website Tours or Google Tours

New opening & conversion properties who are working with the Choice Hotels Opening Services Team are required to order either Package C or the Elite Package and may require additional images to meet Choice standards. When you click on “Calculate Your Image Needs” you will be taken to a questionnaire that will help you determine how many total images you will need to order, and this number may exceed our standard packages listed below.

All hotels must order a minimum of 30 still images, and those are included in our base packages listed below. With some larger hotels, however, it will be recommended that you order more still images than are provided in these packages in order to meet Choice Hotel’s desired photography standards. The form below will help you determine how many images that Choice Hotels would suggest you order. After you complete and submit this form, you will receive an email with the number of total images that will provide proper coverage to your hotel. You will then be redirected to the order form where you can choose your desired package and any additional images you would like to include in the order.

Package C

Google Business View & Virtual Tour Package

(6) HD Scene Virtual Tour
(30) HD Still Images
Web-Ready Images
Print-Ready Images (Download)
Weekly Hit Stats Reports
Electronic Delivery
Interactive Mobile Viewer
Hotel Reservation Link
All Travel Expenses*
1st Year FREE Hosting**

Elite Package

Up to 50 RTV ProTouch HD Still Photographs by RTV Elite Professional Photographer
Up to 16 – 360° Spherical Panoramic Images for CHI & RTV Virtual Tours
Up to 5 – Exterior Twilight (Dawn or Dusk) ProTouch HD Still Photographs
Choice Hotels Website - Virtual Tour Player Panos Provided by RTV (No Renewal Fee)
Google Business View Tour – Additional Spherical Panos as Needed (No Renewal Fee)
RTV Virtual Tour – Requires an Annual Renewal Fee of $99 - Beginning in Year Two***
Astro Zoom – Google Earth Outer Space to Hotel Location Fly In for RTV Virtual Tour
Professional Voice Narration for RTV Virtual Tour
Virtual Reality (VR) with Head Set Ready Virtual Tour Included
Post Production - Editing of Raw Images plus RTV Moderation for Google Tour
Electronic Delivery of Web & Print Ready Photography and 360° Panoramas
Travel Expense and Accommodations May Apply****

10 Additional ProTouch HD Still Photos

(10) HD Still Images

20 Additional ProTouch HD Still Photos

(20) HD Still Images

5 ProTouch HD
Twilight Images

(5) HD Exterior Twilight Images

30 Additional ProTouch HD Still Photos

(30) HD Still Images

40 Additional ProTouch HD Still Photos

(40) HD Still Images

50 Additional ProTouch HD Still Photos

(50) HD Still Images

Aerial Drone Photography Package

10 HD Still Aerial Drone Images
1 Minute HD Aerial Drone Footage

*Hotel agrees to a complimentary room for the photographer if needed and all packages include travel expenses for properties in the Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii.

**RTV hosts your RTV style virtual tour for one year. There is a $99 fee for each additional year. Your Choice Hotel virtual tour and Google virtual tour have UNLIMITED LIFETIME HOSTING.

***RTV Virtual Tours are created as a part of the photography package. The RTV Virtual Tours can be used to help the hotels online marketing efforts. The RTV tour link can be placed on social media platforms and online business listings such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. The RTV subscription-based virtual tours include automated weekly traffic reports and the first year of hosting is FREE. Beginning in year two, however, there is an annual hosting renewal fee of $99 which is billed directly to the hotel. Note – there is never a charge to cancel the RTV subscription-based virtual tour. If the renewal invoice is not paid, the RTV Virtual Tour automatically shuts down. The hotels can also call or email to cancel free of charge at any time.

****RTV’s Elite Professional Photography Package includes up to 200 miles round trip mileage expense for RTV qualified professional photographers. Properties requiring mileage in excess of 200 round trip for RTV’s nearest qualified professional photographer may be assessed and invoiced for mileage accordingly. Mileage rates are based on the current U.S. Federal Mileage Rate. One night accommodations to be included if and when requested by RTV photographer.