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Do you Pay Per Click?

If you’re running a virtual tour business, you might be wondering if Pay Per Click advertising is beneficial to your business. Pay Per Click or PPC ads are beneficial for virtual tour businesses of all sizes. Paid search allows you to pay a fee to have your website be displayed on search result pages when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase to the search engine. You only pay when someone clicks.

As you know RTV cares much more about your natural ranking in the search engines.  Traverse City Virtual Tours for example will reveal to you BlueLaVaMedia and Detroit Virtual tours will reveal to you Real Vision Studio.  However team BlueLaVa might not rank very well on Traverse City Photography and would like to.  In this case allocating a small budget to PPC for your virtual tour company is a great idea.

Here are some top reasons why PPC may be beneficial to your virtual tour business:

Targeted Website Traffic
Since you have the option to assign which ads are displayed for certain keywords and phrases, as well as what page a user will land on when they click your ad, quality of your website traffic will increase.

Location Targeting
With paid search, you have the ability to control where your ads are being shown to help focus your ads on the areas that you service and not those that you don’t. This of course in turn could help increase your return on investment. If you have specific sales that are only going on in a certain city, you can ensure that your ads for that sale are only shown to people searching from that city.

Fast Results
Unlike SEO which takes some time to build up, PPC ads can be up and running quickly, bringing in qualified traffic and leads to your website.  A good targeted PPC campaign when launching your new virtual tour business is a great idea to get things rolling!

Reincforce SEO with PPC
PPC is a nice supplement to your search engine optimization because you can use it to quickly determine which keywords drive traffic and conversions, and then build those keywords into your organic SEO efforts.

Set your own Budget
With PPC, you are able to alter your budget to meet your sales goals and how aggressive you want to be with certain campaigns. Because you only pay when an ad is clicked, you are easily able to manage costs, track conversions from PPC, and determine your return on investment.

Display Advertising
Display advertising lets you create not only text ads, but also image, interactive and video ads. These ads can then be placed on websites that are relevant to what your business is selling. You are also able to manage and track your budget with display ads, just like the search ads.

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website. You are able to set which ad gets shown to users based on certain actions they did or did not take on your site.

Mobile Ads
Mobile ads help you to reach your audiences while they are on-the-go and away from their computers. These ads will appear in search results, on content websites, in apps and video.

If any of you would like some help with your PPC or SEO you should take some time and watch our FORMULA series that’s in your www.rockpointemarketing.com account.  RTV provides TONS of excellent resources for our virtual tour providers through our monthly webinars and talk shows. 

Thanks for your continued support!

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Happy Thanksgiving from RTV

Here at RTV, there’s nothing virtual about our gratitude. (Obviously, we never pass up the opportunity for a good, or bad, pun.) As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to take stock of what we’re all thankful for. Of course, like everyone else, we’re grateful for all of the “big ones”: relationships with family and friends, warm and safe homes, food on the table. But we can’t let Thanksgiving pass by without acknowledging the reasons we’re here, the reasons we get to wake up every day and report to jobs we love, the reasons we’re able to earn a living for our collective talents and knowledge. Those reasons are all of you.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely a client who is using RTV virtual tour software to create virtual tours of properties and local businesses. But you could also be a vendor or someone else in our diverse network. Whatever brought you here, please know that you play a vital role in the success of our virtual tour company—a role that we don’t take lightly.

This Thanksgiving, the RTV team will NOT be working…we’ll be spending time at home with the people who love and support us. We’ll return to work refreshed, renewed (and probably 5 pounds heavier), ready to deliver the highest caliber of virtual tour technology in the industry.

And today, we’d just like to say thank you for supporting, appreciating, and challenging us.

If you’ve read this entire message then you deserve to know that we’ve added a couple attractive Black Friday Packages in your account for you.  Login to your TMS and enjoy savings up to $500!! Sale ends Saturday 8:00 PM Eastern.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Team RTV

Can I Get Some Staging with that?

I cannot imagine a wedding photographer showing up and snapping pictures without telling everyone where to stand.  I can’t imagine a portrait photographer snapping pictures without telling everyone where to pose.  Even in candid pictures the shots are staged before the photographer takes the pictures.  I can’t imagine a professional photographer complaining that they have to pose people for their portrait work..it’s part of their job and they know that if they don’t pose the people, they aren’t going to get the shots they want.

So it seems logical to me that part of our work as virtual tour photographers is to help stage each area that we shoot.  I read a discussion on a vacation rental owner’s Linked In group where a photographer was asking whether the owners expected the virtual tour photographer to do any staging and the question left me dumbfounded.  It would never occur to me that staging was not a part of our job. I know many photographers whose philosophy for commercial shoots is that what they see is what you get but that’s certainly not the case with us.

We specialize in virtual tours for hospitality such as vacation rentals, hotels and bed and breakfasts as well as healthcare facilities.  We expect that when we walk in the location we are shooting will be clean but there’s a difference between clean and staged.  There’s a difference between something being rent ready and photo ready.  It’s the job of the housekeeping to get a place ready to rent.  It’s our job to get it ready to photograph.

At Vision Quest Virtual Tours, we work as a team when we photograph a virtual tour.  My husband is the photographer and I am the stager.  I go ahead of him to make sure that each room is set up so that he can capture the very best possible images.

When I look at each room I know that if something catches my eye, it’s going to stand out even more for the camera.  We move all trash cans, refrigerator magnets, and minimize clutter as much as possible.  Sure you want plungers, toilet brushes, extra toilet paper and air fresheners available for your guests but that doesn’t mean that we need to show them in the pictures!  We will raise patio umbrellas, turn on hot tubs (and move hot tub covers!), arrange chairs around the firepit, move hoses, and overall make sure that things look as good as possible.

We have a finite amount of time for each virtual tour photo shoot and the type of staging we are able to do will vary based on what we find when we arrive.  If the cleaners have done a good job, then we are able to focus on fine tuning instead of housekeeping.  If we are having to move clutter and change light bulbs and fix bedspreads, then we can’t do as much fine tuning.

Basic staging is part of our price but full staging is also available at an extra charge.  We can build fires, set tables, light candles, and even do twilight shots for an extra fee.

When you are getting quotes for your vacation rental photography and virtual tours, be sure to ask whether staging is included.  We are a national virtual tour provider and we specialize in hospitality virtual tours and have photographed several hundred vacation rental virtual tours in over 30 states.  Take a look at our Charleston virtual tours and others in our gallery and you will see that our experience makes a difference.

To learn more about our vacation rental photography and virtual tours or to ask for a quote, visit us at our website below or give us a call.


Private Label Your Virtual Tours

Can I Host My Own 360 Virtual Tours? Yes you can!
If you are currently a virtual tour business owner, then you know that creating your own brand and marketing is extremely important.

All 360 Virtual Tours created with the RTV virtual tour software system are hosted directly on our servers by default, but we do offer two very unique options that other virtual tour companies just don’t offer.

Remote Host – The RTV virtual tour software system was designed so you can always say “Yes!” when asked if your virtual tours can do something.  With our remote host solution you can literally host all of your virtual tour productions on your own server.  This will however require a bit of extra work on your part as you’ll need FTP access to your server and you’ll want to have a basic understanding of HTML and web design.  A Remote Host version of your virtual tour is alwasy available to you in your deliverables section of your virtual tour manager.  Be advised however that when offering a remote host version of the virtual tour the virtual tour owner will not receive weekly traffic reports and they will also not be able to make fast updates to the virtual tour production.

MyBrand – Something great that can help you personalize your virtual tours and still get all the bells and whistles is to use the RTV MyBrand feature. Using our MyBrand feature, users will have the ability to direct traffic to a designated website allowing you to promote your virtual tour business and website.

This useful feature is great for any virtual tour business who would like to create a gallery of their best work and host it on their own website, while using their brand name. So instead of having your tours played through the default fusion URL, you can customize to specifically match your own domain. Any webmaster can utilize this option by simply navigating to MyBrand section located in the Settings tab of your Fusion virtual tour manager account. Just follow the easy steps and make the correct changes within your web host dashboard.

To show you a great example of MyBrand, visit this BlueLavaMedia virtual tour –

As you can see, the virtual tour is private labeled to match the BlueLaVaMedia look and feel right down to the virtual tour URL. Focusing on the Internet to market your business is a huge part of what determines a successful virtual tour company. Do not overlook this great option that is available to you and take advantage of it today!

Team RTV
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Holiday Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces Released!

This month the www.RockPointeMarketing.com team brings you some very powerful, customizable virtual tour marketing pieces that you can immediately download, customize and integrate into your marketing campaign.

First we start things off with the piece featured here to the left.  This is our all new virtual tour provider office handout.  This is a wonderful two page glossy flyer that bullet points your most powerful virtual tour software features available to you as an RTV virtual tour provider. 

This piece also lets you add some basic pricing information regarding your services and finally show off your coverage area on the bottom of page two! Simple yet very effective for letting people know why they should choose your virtual tour company over the others and give you a try.

Next up we have three unique pieces for you to choose from here for the holidays and Winter months. All three pieces allow for full customization and are professionally made to showcase your virtual tour window and highlight a winter or holiday special.

In the case of www.BlueLaVaMedia.com you can see they have elected to run a “Winter Warmer Six Pack”.  Feel free to get creative with these virtual tour marketing pieces and run your own specials.  Be sure to report back and let us know how these work out for you.

We’re currently working very hard to overhaul all of our old virtual tour marketing pieces.  Please be patient while we update the hundreds of items back in your marketing center.

Login to your www.rockpointemarketing.com account now to snag these new pieces!!

As always, let us know what you need, what you think you could use in
the field and what we can do for you to make your more successful.
Remember, we’re in this together!



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