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RTV Announces New Pricing For It’s Virtual Staging Product

We are all so excited at RTV about how many of you have been using the new DIY virtual house staging software to make extra income. Many of you are purchasing 100 credits or more at a time to virtually stage multiple projects.

Also many folks are just getting their feet wet with 10 credits to try a room. We want to reward you with volume discounts so we have set up a new pricing model which will start next week as follows. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization for Your Virtual Tour Business

SEO for Virtual Tour Companies

Have you wondered how you can have your website top the list on search engines?

Website search engine ranking has evolved drastically in the past couple of years. If you haven’t thought about your website in the past month chances are you are moving the wrong way in the search engine ranks. Google accounts for 67.5% of the search engine market (, whereas Bing and Yahoo make up around 28% combined*. When we are talking about SEO (search engine optimization) the conversation inevitably centers on Google for this reason. Google has used their position of dominance to change how websites are ranked according to what they see as most important. User experience and relevance are two of the main factors in the success or failure of search engine results. How is user experience and relevance determined? Much of that information comes in the form of bounce rates, time on site, and other user behavior cues, as well as the robots (sometime called spiders) that scan websites for content and updates.

If you are in the dark as to how to figure this out, don’t worry. There are lots of tools available both paid and free. With a little technical knowledge (or a good friend that knows code) you can install Google Analytics and sign up for Google Webmaster tools, and the best part is they are totally free. Sure there are plenty of companies that want you to pay them to report to you on a monthly basis from their pricey software, but I will take free directly from the horse’s mouth any day.
Great content represents one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to search engine success as well. If your website is a wealth of quality information people will come to your site more often, spend more time, and link back more frequently. Quality graphic content such as photos, memes, and info graphs are easily share able on social media platforms (which in turn send social relevancy signals to Google) and contribute to a great user experience as well. Committing and sticking to a long term content creation strategy is a powerful tool in the effort to obtain online ranking success.
Back linking used to be a huge part of improving website rankings. This is the practice of getting other website to link back to your site. While this can still influence the organic (non paid) rankings, Google has recently been decreasing the value of back links. This is due in part to a rash of attempts to manipulate back link profiles for the benefit of a websites search rankings. On top of Google slowly decreasing the value of back links many sites that have used low quality back link practices are now being penalized by Google and forced to either fix their back link profile (an often long and tedious task) or face the consequences of penalization or even suspension of ranking on Google’s search engine.

You can still benefit from a great back link profile but I would caution you to approach gaining back links by producing good content and publishing it on social media and any other avenues you can find. People who like the content you are producing, or find value in it will share it and link back to it in various ways. These great articles and graphics are known as link bait in the seo community as they are produced to draw back links in. Typically the back links gained are to related websites meaning the back links have a higher relevance than if it was linked back from a website that is not with in the same industry or genre.  If anyone approaches you and offers X number of back links for money, DO NOT DO IT! This is the sort of practice that will land your website in Google’s dreaded penalty box. If the opportunity to link to another page arises and it makes sense, making the link a no follow link is advisable. This tells the Google robots to not consider where this link is going to, to influence search engine rankings for either site. This is done using a simple html code while placing the link.

The long and short of seo is develop your site with user experience in mind, produce and promote good content and let the rest fall into place.  Hard work and avoiding the pitfall the easy way out and your website will move up in the rankings. Keep in mind where Google is headed and focus on getting there rather than focusing on what has been done in the past.

Do you have questions? Coming up soon we will be having a webinar for our network of photographers to discuss this issue more in depth. Would you like to learn more about being an RTV photographer? Visit our website to learn how to start your virtual tour business or call us at 866 947 8687. Or allow one of our Virtual Tour Providers to provide professional photography on your behalf.

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Holland Virtual Tour Company – 3 BIG Things

Hello my fellow RTV virtual tour company owners!  As of yesterday Front Door Photos has 3 VERY big things to announce to the world.

1. As of yesterday, Front Door Photos is officially an Affiliate Member of WMLAR! What does that mean for you? I now have the ability to access supra lockboxes–making scheduling and coordinating virtual tour shoots even easier!

2. As the end of the year quickly approaches, I wanted to let you know that Front Door Photos has the ability to send you a year-end statement. Want to know exactly how much you invested in professional photography services in 2014? Just send me an email and I will get you a copy at your convenience.

3. Want to save some money on professional photos and virtual tours for 2015? Front Door Photos is offering a limited number of year-long contracts starting January, 2015. Contracts will be established on an individual basis. Message me if you are interested!

Finally, THANK YOU for your continued support–this all would not be possible without you. As always, please let me know if there is anything else you might need from me. Happy buying and selling!

Best Regards,

Taylor Blom
Front Door Photos
Holland Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 616-283-9294

A Virtual Tour Checklist

Here’s a basic checklist for creating amazing virtual tours.

A stunning virtual tour can be a great tool for anyone who’s promoting a real estate property, a hotel, campus, restaurant, resort, or just about any type of business. And like many creative endeavors, there are nearly as many ways to make a virtual tour as there are types of virtual tours you can make.

However, there’s a basic formula you can follow to create a powerful and effective virtual tour that will help you sell what you’re promoting. Whether you’re a virtual tour provider just starting out, or a real estate agent or business owner who’s never made a virtual tour but would like to learn more, these steps will help you put together an effective and engaging virtual tour.

  1. Scout and prepare your virtual tour location

Your first step should be to check out the location of your virtual tour and plan your shots. Do a walk through of the property or business with an eye for the best areas to include on the virtual tour. Consider the best times of day when areas will look good with any natural light you can use, as well as the places where you may want a short video in addition to panoramic images and still photos.

     2. Consider hiring out a professional virtual tour photographer with a high end camera
Smartphones are coming out with better built-in cameras all the time, but a good quality digital SLR camera is still the best tool for creating a virtual tour. A camera that allows you to take high resolution photos and images will provide the best shots. A quick Google search for ‘Virtual Tour Company’ or ‘Virtual Tour Provider’ will help you find those in your area that offer the service and will most likely have the gear.

    3. Make sure that you or your provider is using a fully featured virtual tour software
While it’s possible to create a virtual tour using free or common virtual tour software programs like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Photoshop, or others out there, you will have better results using specialized virtual tour software that’s designed for virtual tours. Remember that having a YouTube video is NOT a virtual tour by any means. 

With a professional using proper virtual tour software you’ll be able to enjoy powerful features like an AstroZoom space fly-over, weekly virtual tour traffic reports, printable flyers, QR codes, hot spots, scene by scene voice-overs, HD panoramic images, full motion video, lead capture tools, interactive floor plans and more!

     4. Develop a deployment strategy
Virtual tours must be seen to get results. Once your virtual tour is finished, you can get visibility and views by posting it on your website, your FaceBook page, YouTube, local business directories, and if your tour is real estate related you can even get it on real estate sites like Trulia,, BackPage, OLX, HotPads, Zillow, your local MLS, Reachoo, and many more! Finally, you can also store your virtual tours on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, so you can show your stunning presentation to potential customers wherever you are.

At RTV we recommend that you choose a professional virtual tour provider for all of your real estate and business virtual tour needs.  You can compare prices and features by contacting RTV and doing a Google search for virtual tour providers in your area. We look forward to working with you when the time is right.


Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Professional Photography Training

Minneapolis Virtual Tour Provider – New T4 Professional Photographer

Minneapolis, Minnesota Virtual Tour Provider - Baker Imaging PhotographyRTV is proud to announce our latest T4 Rated professional photographer, Dan Baker from Baker Imaging Photography.  Baker Imaging Photography is a Minneapolis / St Paul based Commercial Photography and virtual tour business, and Virtual Tour provider with a long history of providing strong technical and visually pleasing imagery.

Baker Imaging was founded by Dan Baker in 1988. Dan has 30+ years of professional photography experience, ranging from film to digital technologies, including digital retouching and manipulation. Dan was certified a Google Trusted Photographer in early 2012 and has been providing high quality 360˚ panoramic virtual tours and professional still photographs as a part of the Google Maps Business View program.

Dan Baker said, “This technology provides a great resource for our customers wishing to market and advertise anything via the web. – Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, quality innovative imagery and services at a fair and reasonable price. Baker Imaging is proud to bring our experience and creativity to the RTV Virtual Tour Network.”

Dan Baker
Minneapolis Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 763-544-4178