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Are Real Estate Virtual Tours Still Effective?

Just as with every marketing tool, opinions on the effectiveness of real estate virtual tours are divided. While some believe that a great virtual tour still does more to attract potential buyers and increase visibility for a listing than more traditional real estate marketing strategies, others suspect the virtual tour has started to lose ground with property buyers.

Opponents of real estate virtual tours often claim they’re a waste of time, and that good quality photos of a property will work just as well—and further, it all gets lost in the sea of digital noise that the Internet has become, anyway. The demise of the real estate virtual tour has been argued across blogs and forums frequently, with no real conclusions drawn.

The good news is that virtual tours do remain powerful marketing tools for real estate. In fact, the virtual tour format is more suited to the current audience than ever.

Real estate virtual tours: Effectiveness by the numbers

Several studies have compiled statistics on the popularity and effectiveness of virtual tours, and the results are encouraging. A few examples include:

•    More than 50% of adult Internet users depend on virtual tours for research on a regular basis, according to a Clickz Stats study

•    84% of first-time home buyers and 79% of repeat buyers search for a home on the Internet, according to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) study

• statistics report that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than listings without tours (including those with still photos alone), and that 54% of buyers who use the site will not look at properties that don’t include virtual tours

Virtual tours make a property stand out among online listings. Home buyers, especially those relocating a considerable distance, prefer the convenience of an available virtual tour that allows them to experience a property without making extra visits—and in many cases, prompts them to schedule a showing.

Tips for successful virtual tours

The effectiveness of a real estate virtual tour depends largely on the quality of the tour itself. Stunning, high definition virtual tours that offer great images and video of the property, along with additional details such as floor plans, MLS data, and links to further resources, provide an immersive experience for property buyers. Great virtual tours will engage viewers further with features like background music, narration, 360-degree interactive panoramic images, and more.

RTV’s powerful virtual tour software makes it easy to create these fully featured virtual tours for your real estate property. Use still images, HD panoramic images, and even full motion video in your productions.  Have it your way, as they say!!

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RTV Wins Motel 6 Hotel Photography Contract

RTV is proud to announce that we have been selected as the preferred photography and virtual tour vendor for Motel 6, an iconic American brand managed and operated by G6 Hospitality LLC. As part of this new partnership, RTV will be photographing nearly 500 hotels between now and Labor Day 2014. The intense photography initiative has already begun, and will ramp up to over the next several weeks.  This is an amazing undertaking that will surely test the capabilities of RTV’s vast professional photography network and unique Tour Track system.

The intense photography initiative has already begun and will ramp up to over the next several weeks until all 500 hotels have been photographed, approved, and delivered.

See one of our first Motel 6 productions here:

RTV was chosen to provide this service to Motel 6 because of our extensive professional photographer base, amazing virtual tour technology, and lightning fast turnaround time.  With RTV, a photographer can literally be in your lobby and ready to photograph in a matter of days, not months, and the client is given a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As many of you already know, RTV has been successfully photographing hotels now since 2005, and remains confident in our ability to complete a professional hotel photography shoot anywhere in the USA or Canada within two to three weeks.

RTV clients have come to love the RTV process from start to finish as the entire process is extremely simple, streamlined, and provides hotels and other businesses with an amazing professional service at a consistent and affordable price. Our clients are literally getting the best of quality, speed, and price when they choose RTV!

Professional Photographers are still needed in some areas throughout the USA.  Setup your RTV account today:

RTV will be attending the Motel 6 convention in Hawaii this September which will expose RTV to SEVERAL HUNDRED additional Motel 6 hotel owners. RTV photographers can expect many more orders to come through the system by these franchise owners throughout the end of this year and into 2015.

Those of you that would like to receive jobs from the Motel 6 initiative, as well as other major national accounts that RTV is currently working with, are encouraged to make sure that you are currently a part of our network and up to speed with our new 2014 Tour Track guidelines and policies.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our brand.

By joining our team of professional photographers, you will receive Tour Track jobs from our contracted national accounts (OVER 80 National Accounts), get leads from our unstoppable SEO efforts, and love using the world’s best virtual tour software to reach customers in your area.

If you are already creating virtual tours and have a large customer base, one of our Transition Coordinators will help you move your clients over to RTV for you at no charge. Visit our virtual tour gallery today and take the RTV system for a spin: 


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4 Ways to Increase Your Onsite SEO

70/30 – Based on a poll of search industry experts, “70/30” comprises all of the factors that influence rankings – 70% of these factors are comprised of activity not on your website, such as content marketing and 30% are factors that help improve your web presence on your website – Onsite SEO.

4 Ways to Increase Your Onsite SEO

1) Identify Existing Demand
•    Research what people are searching for in relation to your products and services.
•    Research competitor keywords
•    Use keyword tools — use Google Keyword Tool or have KM3 Media help
•    Check difficulty of keyword — don’t choose a highly competitive keyword.
•    Do a reality check – Ask yourself if you have something to offer people searching on that keyword. If not, you might get traffic to your website but you won’t get the sale.
•    Keep up – SEO is a dynamic process and change is inevitable. Do constant keyword and market research and adapt your onsite plan.(see Step #4)
2) Create Purposeful Onsite Content

After identifying where the demand is, write relevant website and blog content. Whether you choose to be humorous, informative, controversial, or use video and text, remember your audience and keyword research. 

3) Tune Your Content

Harmonize your content with style that will engage your audience and technical language search engines understand.
•    Increase your keyword density. Keep it natural, and make sure you include your important keywords.
•    Name your title tag, meta tags, domain name, and Alt text of image.
•    Link to internal pages where appropriate.
•    Set up Google Authorship.
•    Implement .
•    Entice readers with a beautiful website. Try to present information in different ways (images, bulleted lists, widgets)
4) Track & Promote

Track whether your onsite SEO is producing expected results. Simultaneously, promote your content to help people find it!
•    Track rankings.
•    Track analytics in your dashboard.
•    Invite interaction on your blog and social media. Get your friends and colleagues to comment.
•    Link back to your content. Guest blogs are a good way to get high authority websites to link back to your onsite content.
•    Engage in other peoples’ online conversations and communities.

A strong onsite SEO program is crucial to overall SEO results and will complement your off-site strategy. Onsite SEO requires a steadfast tenacity, but it works!

If KM3 Media can help you determine more about SEO please call us at 916-517-0029 or visit our website at We would love to help!

We also create amazing interactive virtual tours:

Real Estate Virtual Tours
(included with ALL Real Estate Virtual Tour packages)

    Your tour and contact info sent to up to 10 real estate listing websites
    YouTube video version of your virtual tour w/ your contact info
    Virtual Tour shot in HDR (branded & unbranded versions)
    Attractive craigslist ad w/ your contact info
    Customized color flyer w/ your contact info
    Weekly report of tour traffic
    Email sent to your inbox w/ links and instructions to ALL the above features

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