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SEO Time For Virtual Tour Providers

Hello to all of our RTV fans and friends out there. Did you know there are over 40,000 Google searches per second happening on the Internet right now? GO GOOGLE!! Quite a few of these constant internet searches could be directly related to your virtual tour photography service or professional photography company.

The problem is that your virtual tour company website might not show up high enough in the results to get any of that traffic.  We’re here to help!  If you have not taken a little time in the last month to perform a little search engine optimization strategy, you could be missing out.  Each of you can greatly increase your chances of being found by spending just a little time each month writing a blog or news release about your business and posting it to your site and here at the RTV blog. Getting your website higher in the search results is quite easy to do and if you watch our SEO shows found in and spend just a bit of time at it you’ll be on that first page or even at the very top in no time at all!  

You say,”I’m already in front of all of the most important real estate professionals in town. They already know about me.”

We say, “You’re still missing out on a huge opportunity in other verticals, business owners, and home sellers that may not yet know about you.”

Being found at the top in Google search results makes other businesses money every day and it can do the same thing for you too! By reaching people that are actively seeking professional photography or virtual tour services, you give them a direct route to the end goal: Your virtual tour business.

This means more website traffic increased phone calls, and additional form submissions, which all lead to more revenue for your virtual tour company. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, appearing high in Google’s search results offers a high return on investment or ROI and reaches people already looking for your products or services.

Want to learn more about SEO for your virtual tour company and professional photography business?
RTV will be kicking off several new webinars in the near future that will help you with just that and lots more!

We have recently recruited Jason Stringham (Jay), as RTV’s Internet Marketing Coordinator. Jay comes to RTV as a professional photographer and a Social Media Expert. He will be the new host of our popular webinar series “Social Realty” and will also be hosting a brand new webinar series we’re calling “Through The Lens”.   Jay’s skill sets make him a perfect candidate for these shows, and we could not be happier to have him here on the team.

Those of you going through RTV’s new T4 program will be getting a free SEO consultation session with Jay as we relaunch our popular Local Market Landing Page program that began in 2011. Those of you that would like to brush up on your SEO are encouraged to revisit the several SEO shows that we have back in our webinar archive in your marketing center and please do keep your eyes out for up next up and coming shows. 

In the meantime if you’ve already watched all of our past SEO and Social Realty shows be sure to send in a blog to and we’ll drop you a backlink. See you on top RTV!


Jason LaVanture

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IMAGE Webinar 54 – Video Editing

RTV WebinarsFull motion video is an important component to virtual tours and can be used in several ways.  It is great for Realtor Introductions, video walkthroughs and for showing off those property features that have motion and sound. 

After you shoot your video it is important to edit your video to make it look its best for your client and the viewing public before uploading it to your virtual tour.  It needs to look like a finished product.

In this webinar I am going to show you some basic video editing skills that are a must.  We will use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for editing the video.  We chose to use the Adobe Premiere Elements editor because is it easy to use, has a great amount of features and tools for a low price, and it is compatible with both PC and Mac. 

Make sure you attend this webinar so that you can start using video to enhance your virtual tours, increase your product offering to your clients, and grow your virtual tour business.

Join me, Ben Knorr, your IMAGE webinar host, on September 9, 2014 at 7pm eastern for the IMAGE 54 – Video Editing.  You won’t want to miss it!

Register Here:

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RTV Launches T4 – Top Tier Tour Track Program!

RTV, Inc is proud to officially announce the start of our Tour Tier Tour Track Program that will be called T4.  T4 utilizes only the very best professional photographers within the RTV photography network to acquire national accounts that are seeking the highest quality photography and that are willing to pay a higher fee for such a service.

T4 will have many requirements and will also be a limited opportunity within the RTV network.

To apply for T4 status start off by attending our short webinar this Thursday (8-21-14) evening at 7:00 PM Eastern. Please check your email for an email invitation to the event.

During this 20 – 30 minute Webinar we will be discussing in detail the new T4 program, the requirements, and how to get started.  We’ll also be providing you with an update on other up and coming photography initiatives with national accounts.

This Webinar will be our official launch of the T4 program so be sure not to miss the show. We’re confident that our T4 program will pave the way for thousands of future photography opportunities for RTV providers.

Attend this show and learn why becoming an RTV T4 will pay off many times over for your virtual tour business and how to get started in the new program.

See you on the show RTV!

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Never Stop Learning

It is easy to get caught up in the day in and day out of life. Paying the bills demands so much of our time and energy, that we begin to set aside our own professional and personal growth.

Most of the professional photographers I know, and believe me I know a lot of them, picked up a camera as a hobby first. I have seen it a thousand times, it is like they have a new love relationship. They pine for their camera when they aren’t shooting. They voraciously seek out tips and new techniques as they seek to master their new love. They begin to dream of how great would be to be able to make a living with their camera, so they begin to advertise their new business to family and friends.

If these folks are lucky enough to be able to drum up enough business to continue to work as a pro photographer, they realize how much work the profession really is. Don’t get me wrong it is certainly fun, but it is a lot of work. From the day to day client communication and scheduling, to shooting and don’t forget the hours of post processing! That doesn’t leave much time for learning and growing as an artist.

To complicate matters further the photographer must have confidence in themselves to present themselves as an expert in the field, and inspire confidence of potential clients. Very few of these photographers have attended college or a trade school for photography, so their growth as an artist and expertise is solely dependent on their drive to learn.

Learning opportunities is one of the many benefits of partnering with RTV virtual tour company & professional photography service. We host webinars to help photographers to continue to grow both in their craft as well as marketing their businesses. As a member you also have access to a library of past webinars to refer back to at your convenience. Do you have an area  you would like to know more about? Find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. We have several professional photographers on our in house staff that would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are a photographer looking for a new avenue for income, or simply looking to start your own business, consider our proprietary virtual tour software. We provide the training and equipment to get you started quickly and with out hassle. You can learn more about our system by visiting our “Start a Virtual Tour Business” page or calling us at 866 947 8687.

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Your Virtual Tour Checklist

A stunning virtual tour can be a great tool for anyone who’s promoting a real estate property, or just about any type of business. And like many creative endeavors, there are nearly as many ways to make a virtual tour as there are types of 360 virtual tours you can make. However, there’s a basic formula you can follow to create a powerful and effective virtual tour that will help you sell what you’re promoting.

Whether you’re a virtual tour provider just starting out, or a real estate agent or business owner who’s never made a virtual tour but would like to learn more, these steps will help you put together an effective and engaging virtual tour.

Scout and prepare your virtual tour location
Your first step should be to check out the location of your virtual tour and plan your shots. Do a walk through of the property or business with an eye for the best areas to include on the tour. Look for the money shot! Consider the best times of day when areas will look good with any natural light you can use, as well as the places where you may want a short video in addition to photos.

Have the right gear
Smartphones are coming out with better built-in cameras all the time, but a good quality digital SLR camera is still the best tool for creating a virtual tour. A camera that allows you to take high resolution photos, can possibly offer up some HD video capabilities, and preferably one that allows you to bracket your shots.  Look for the Canon T series and you’re sure to find success!

Remember that no camera is any good without a good lens so try to scope out a nice 12-24 wide angle lens to go along with your camera and images will look amazing!

In addition to a great digital camera, you should strongly consider investing in a tripod. Using a tripod allows you to capture professional quality images that will enhance your finished product and deliver better results in your marketing.  Go for sturdy without breaking the bank.  Check out the Vanguard Tracker pods. They’re amazing!

Use fully featured virtual tour software
While it’s possible to create a virtual tour using free or common software programs like Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Photoshop, you will have better results using specialized software that’s designed for making professional virtual tours.

With virtual tour software such as RTV’s Fusion virtual tour system, you’ll be able to use powerful features like panoramic stitching, high definition output, the ability to easily use both images and video, easy soundtrack integration and editing, floor plan creation, hyperlinks and bubble text, a submission engine, and much more.

Develop a deployment strategy
Virtual tours must be seen to get results. Once your virtual tour is finished, you can get visibility and views by posting it on your website (or your client’s website), video sites like YouTube, and real estate sites like Trulia. You can also store your virtual tours on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, so you can show your stunning presentation to potential customers wherever you are.


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