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One-Shot Lens Technology

When I first started looking into the virtual tour business I bought a 360 degree One-Shot lens adapter for my camera. I took some pictures and viewed them, but when I called the virtual tour company for further information none was available. I swore I would not get any type of stitching system, thinking that it would be too difficult to process the images. In the end I had very little choice in the matter as it was apparent that my dreaded one-shot lens was getting me nowhere.

I was a bit skeptical when I chose Real Tour Vision, but after receiving my gear I was in business immediately. I would have to imagine that there are lots of people out there who get tied down with a one shot lens system just like I did. What kind of system did you get? Were you able to sell your lens somewhere or recoup your investment somehow? I would love to hear your one-shot lens story! As far as Real Tour Vision goes, I’ve been very happy ever since I started so Keep up the good work team.

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The Virtual Tour Appeal

A recent article in USA Today noted that home buyers are starting to make offers on homes based solely on the virtual tour (this was of course contingent on a walk through). This has exciting implications for homeowners trying to sell in this tough real estate market. I know that my husband are looking for a home right now and if we don’t see pictures or virtual home tours of the interior we won’t even consider it and skip right on past the listing.

Our thought process is that if there aren’t shots and tours of the inside then they are trying to hide something and we just don’t have time for that nor do we want to know what that something is. According to the article 80% of home buyers use the internet in some way in their home buying efforts and a virtual tour makes all the difference.

Read The Virtual Tour News Article Here
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Jacque Stephens-Burke, your Friendly Tour Track Administrator

Virtual Tours of Rental Properties

I read a great article on choosing a vacation rental the other day. The author talked about making sure the property has pictures and a virtual tour in order to make the property selection easier. One web site she mentioned was (Vacation Rentals By Owner). Real Tour Vision has worked with them in the past to post virtual tours for rental properties on their website. Virtual tours are a great asset to rental properties, both for the owner/manager and the potential renter. The author also gives tips to renters about what to look for while renting: comfortable furniture and decor, checklists so you can bring what isn’t available, etc. It’s a great article and you can check it out in full here. ~ Posted by Torie from Real Tour Vision

Virtual Tour Company on the move

Do you ‘work’ in order to take a vacation or do you take a vacation in order to ‘work’. Creating virtual tours with Real Tour Vision has enabled me to travel and ‘work’ at various locations throughout the country and experience what they have to offer. From resorts on the islands of Lake Erie, to top ranked golf courses in the Southwest and incredible lodgings in between, it’s been an incredible adventure. I’ve met some great people, made new friends and am creating one heck of a referral network for all involved.

Of course, there are the realtors, builders and vacation home owners that keep me busy at home while I’m not traveling. But who can refuse free lodging, golf or meals in exchange for a reduced rate on a virtual tour? I love being able to pick a destination, do some research and set up a virtual tour to shoot while I’m there! Bartering with virtual tours may not be for everyone but I sure love seeing the look in their eye when I dangle the worlds best virtual tour in front of a resort owner and having them just look at me and say, “And how long will you need to stay?”

2007 marks the 4th year that I have been doing this and I keep getting better and better at it. Does anyone else out there use the Real Tour Vision Virtual Tour System this way?

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