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Virtual Tour Company Whistlestop Visits

Getting repeat business from existing realtors is a great deal easier than trying to get a prospect to try your product. Don’t get me wrong, adding to your list of clientele is a good thing, but don’t forget those that are already using my virtual tour service.

In order to ‘stay in front of your customers’, you need to have a presence at least every other week. In order to do this, I have emailed the following to my list:

– a photography tip on how to take better photos
– an update or new options available for the virtual tours
– a great photo of something seen in the community that week (spectacular sunset, carnival, mountain or lake view…whatever catches your eye)
– a list of FSBOs seen around town with addresses/phone numbers

The community photos have received great response and I’ve actually been asked to have them posted in a couple local prints as a result. Giving out the FSBO information has worked out well for all of us as well. A realtor gets the listing and more than likely, I’ll get a request for a tour on the home.

These are just a few of the ways I stay in touch with clients without having to ‘advertise’. Give them something to help their business, make them smile or just say hello. Being personal goes a long way and your business will thank you for doing so!


Rob Lenthe

Remote Global Viewing

Virtual Tours Reeling Them In!

This last summer a friend of ours sadly had passed away. Her mother was a retired real estate agent from out of state and came to town fix up the home and sell it. Her father spent lots of time making improvements to the already nice home, but because the mother was no longer associated with an agency, she was selling the home as a for sale by owner. She had tried for two months to advertise it with fliers posted around town and ads in the newspaper classifieds, so when I heard this, I immediately offered to give them a virtual tour. Since she had no website to add a link to, I added it to my own sample gallery on my virtual tour company site and gave her a simple address that was easy to offer in her newspaper classified ad. In the first week she had more calls than she did the previous month.

The couple who finally bought the home claimed it was because of the virtual tour.
They inquired about the home from their own real estate agent but were told that it wasn’t
that great. They went back to the tour and called the seller directly.
If it wasn’t for the tour, they wouldn’t have made that second attempt and bought their new home.

Brian Mead
RE Marketing, AK
A Full Service provider

Video Tours—A Tale from the Field

A Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider recently contacted me and said that he was contacted by a real estate advertiser/magazine publisher. They were looking for virtual tours and wanted him to start shooting for the magazine. The virtual tour photographer went on to tell me that as the publisher started describing what he meant by “virtual tour” it became apparent to him that what the publisher was actually talking about was a video tour. He had seen this technology somewhere and thought it was a virtual tour.

Our virtual tour provider began to correct him by saying the Real Tour Vision virtual tour solution uses a format which utilizes still images taken from left to right which looked like a video when watching it from your computer, but is not actually video. The publisher instantly was turned off and insisted that he was not interested because still images were not a virtual tour and video tours must be the wave of the future. He then asked why Real Tour Vision did not support video tours and asked when we would support such technology.

Our virtual tour provider instantly jumped in and assured the gentleman that our system did indeed support video clips from within our virtual tours but also noted that the technology was not the best way to showcase a property. He encouraged the publisher to take a brief moment and compare the technologies and assured him that his definition of a virtual tour would be changed for life and therefore redefined.

Upon showing him a side by side comparison of a virtual tour and a video tour he began pointing out the similarities as well as the indisputable differences in virtual tour technologies.

“See, the video tour does not allow you to move around or control the image like a virtual tour does. You can not stop, zoom in, and skip to your favorite room at the push of a mouse like you can with a virtual tour. And, in my personal opinion, the most important aspect of having a virtual tour photographer come to your home is the fact that all of the images taken at the home are printable. So actually you are not only getting a virtual tour photographer out of the deal you are also hiring a listing photographer. It’s two for the price of one!”

“You’re right, I do see a big difference in the technology and you can really notice a difference in the window shots. They are all overexposed in the video tour but not in the virtual tour.” said the publisher.

While the above dialogue is a depiction of the conversation that took place, the end result was the same. The publisher was reeducated on virtual tours and his definition of a virtual tour was redefined by reviewing the facts. In the end our virtual tour provider won the account and now provides the publisher with virtual tours filled with beautiful images, music and voice overs, and of course top notch Real Tour Vision Service.

Thanks for your story Grant!

Story provided by Grant Rodney of Yuma Virtual Home Tours, AZ
A Full Service provider

Virtual Tours and Setting the Price

Remember when pricing your virtual tours, beating your competitors (if not a limited time special) may not be in your company’s best interest. Does it attract clients who want a quality product? Or, will it attract clients looking for the lowest price? If the latter, then realize you will not be attracting a long-term, repeat customer because they will always go for the lowest price. As John Ruskin said, “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” We have a good product, and long-term, repeat clients will pay for a good product.

Ben Nunes
A Full Service provider

Making the Best Virtual Tour Provider

It is no secret that everyone at Real Tour Vision virtual tour company has been enthusiastically working to bring their virtual tour providers the latest and greatest in virtual tour technology. That is how our providers stay ahead in the market place. Well, it is one way. Behind the scenes Real Tour Vision has been working on some secret plans with a marketing company to give their providers even more leverage against the competition!

The marketing company has completely redone the already extensive business start-up CD in an entirely new format to include new up-to date marketing materials, current statistical documentation, a quick start marketing program, pre-made brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, customer newsletters and much more! All of the new marketing material is specifically designed for RTV providers to increase customer base and keep customers coming back to their virtual tour company for more! The Business Startup 2007 CD is on track to be completed by mid April and we will also be rolling out our Broker Agent CD before June.