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Advanced HDR Methods Part 1 Webinar From The 2015 Convention Series Now Live

2016-01-12High dynamic range photography is an important tool in a real estate photographers toolbox. The trick to good HDR photography is creating consistent, realistic images and doing so in a way that is time efficient. Shawn Roach produced Advanced HDR Methods Part 1 as part of our 2015 Convention Series of Webinars that are made available to Rockpointe Marketing Members.  In this webinar Shawn will discuss several software options for HDR image processing, the pros and cons of each, as well as give insights on creating the best imagery possible. (more…)

Exciting New Changes To Tour Track National Photography Service

National-Photography-NewsHello RTV and welcome to 2016! We have some exciting news about changes we are making to the Tour Track program this year. Tour Track is transitioning to a Shoot & Deliver method for all national photography accounts. Moving forward all new dispatched orders will instruct you to shoot bracketed images in a RAW file format and deliver the images inside specific file structures via our FTP. You will no longer be required to process images or build tours. Here’s a little background on this: In 2015, the Choice Hotels CHERP initiative gave us a great opportunity to grow, not just through the number of orders that were placed, but by compelling us improve the overall quality of the work we deliver to our clients. Throughout the past year we have adjusted our instructions and procedures until we came up with a winning combination of shooting instructions, file delivery, and in-house processing. This has allowed our photographers to complete more shoots in less time and has given us greater control over the consistency and quality of the images we deliver. The success of that program has prompted us to change the process for all of our other national accounts. Shoot & Deliver orders will require our photographers to:

  1. Shoot in RAW format
  2. Bracketing either 3 or 5 exposures at ±2EV (number of brackets varies by account)
  3. Slating rooms and common areas (to assist with file organization)
  4. Filling out a sign-off sheet and listing image file numbers
  5. Organizing files in a predetermined folder structure
  6. Uploading via FTP
  7. Completing the order in Fusion to notify our team that images have been uploaded

  We would also like to offer you the opportunity to switch any existing order that to the new shoot and deliver method. In order to do this, a photographer must make a written request to RTV through the comment section in the applicable order. Please reach out to the Tour Track team with any questions you might have regarding this change at We are looking forward to a great year here at RTV!

Austin, Texas Photographer Achieves T4 Photography Acceditation

T4 Photography Accreditation “Dedicated to client satisfaction” is how Daniel Rodriguez describes his business. Daniel operates Net Visual Tours provides high quality virtual tours, real estate photography, and internet marketing services in the Austin and San Antonio markets.

Net Visual Tours is committed to providing the highest quality virtual tours available, and it shows. They have developed a reputation for great work and excellent customer service. These characteristics made Daniel a shoe in for T4 accreditation. That doesn’t mean there was no work involved. As part of the prerequisites to join the T4 ranks, Daniel trained closely with our team to become certified to produce Google Streetview Tours as a RTV a Google Trusted Agency.

Net Visual Tours has used RTV’s Fusion Virtual Tour platform, and participated in our Tour Track national photography service since 2009, and we are proud to have them on our team! Congratulations Daniel on your T4 Certification. We appreciate your hard work and insistence on providing industry leading virtual tours while maintaining a fantastic customer service track record. We look forward to working with you and Net Visual Tours for years to come!

Net Visual Virtual Tours

Austin Virtual Tours

Daniel Rodriguez


Call To Order A Virtual Tour: 512 – 773 – 9085

Austin Texas Virtual Tour Company

Virtual Staging To Think Outside the (Photography) Box

VirtualstagingonipodI photographed a home on Saturday up in the Sandia mountains east of Albuquerque where I live. When I got there I did not really notice that the living room curtains were up and had not been dropped down for a more natural look. Fighting the snow to get into the vacant home I shot it without noticing the drapes.

Later that afternoon when I got home I received the dreaded email from the agent. “The pictures would have been perfect had the curtains looked right.” So I am thinking… like 3 hours minimum to drive back up, deal with the snow, reshoot and do post again.

I had a brilliant idea! Redo the living room with some virtual staging and send her a few of those pics. Would take me 30 minutes and I remain on my couch! Long story short, the agent was blown away at the creativity of my solution and loved it.

So, the cool thing here is that we can use the virtual staging software for some editing of things that don’t convey with the house such as furniture, pictures, plants and accessories.
To do this with your RTV virtual staging software however we have to get past first base. That’s right… straightening and calibration is the dreaded step one of this staging platform. So I did a 5 minute recap on the webinar in December and will do a quick recap again next time. Each webinar I will take my 5 minutes to take it just a bit further. While a couple of things have changed on the platform the calibration and straightening features are still similar. Please take a moment to watch this 5 minute training video to help with uploading and calibration.

The other thing I went over on the virtual staging webinar was how to change the height of wall items such as TV’s and pictures. Once you are staging the picture you can always go to upper left menu and click on “recalibrate” and raise or lower the ceiling height. If you raise the ceiling height in the numerical field then items will drop lower in the picture. Likewise if you lower ceiling height in the numerical field it will raise wall items. If the furniture in general looks too large in the room… just  raise the ceiling height. On a personal note, I generally like to set the ceiling height at approximately 12 inches or more higher than it actually is (but that is just my preference).

I am happy to help any of you at any time with questions as you get into staging your vacant properties.

RTV has had thousands of homes staged by their photographers in the few months they have offered virtual staging to their virtual tour photographers. They have examples if you have not staged any yet. Give sellers and agents a choice and watch your income increase.

To help launch this we will be continuing a bi-weekly contest on the RTV Facebook page for the best virtually staged home. The weekly winner will receive 20 free credits to stage 2 rooms for free! Stay tuned for the contest details next week.

Go ahead and create your best staging job to submit here:

Thank you for your time!



RTV Virtual Staging Team

Potomac, Maryland Photographer Receives T4 Accreditation

tinyt43 Deborah Stevens of Potomac, Maryland has worked in the photography industry since 1971. She started as a freelancer for sporting events, commercial real estate, and portrait clients and hasn’t looked back. In 2002 she added realtor to her list of abilities. As a realtor and a virtual tour photographer Deborah can provide her clients as well as RTV’s clients with professional quality imagery in the Maryland/Washington D.C. markets. She joined the RTV network in 2014 and has utilized our virtual tour system successfully since.

As part of her T4 certification Deborah has learned to produce high quality Google tours for businesses as well. These tours are unique as they are visible on a businesses Google profile in search results. While most Google photographers are unable to get the best quality on their tours, T4 accredited photographers receive advanced training to avoid the common pitfalls often seen in these tours.

Deborah works hard to provide great quality photography and virtual tours for her clients. RTV is proud to grant her T4 accreditation, and we know she will continue to provide the best images for her clients.

If you need a virtual tour of your home, real estate listings, or businesses in the Potomac or Washington D.C. area give her a call to learn which options are best for you.

Congratulations Deborah, and thank you for your hard work!

Potomac, Maryland Virtual Tours

Deborah Stevens

Call To Order A Virtual Tour: 301-919-1961

Potamac Maryland Real Estate Photography