Camera Setup

Step 3 – Camera Setup

To begin the camera setup process, click on the Setup Video below to view the camera setup video. Follow the instructions in the video carefully to ensure that your camera is setup properly. In the video the rotator is used to demonstrate the setup process may differ slightly from the rotator you received. You will follow the same process to setup your Rotator XS or Rotator X3. There are two steps to the camera setup process. The first step is called finding the Nodal Point. This is the process for centering the camera on the rotator. The first portion of the camera setup video will walk you through the steps to find the nodal point for your camera. Once you have received approval from the Setup Department that your nodal point has been approved, you can click on the Take The Next Step Button below.

Once you have received confirmation that your Nodal Point has been approved, please click next to continue onto the next step.  

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