Home Tours with Floor Plans!

Floor Plans SoftwareI have been a real estate agent in Northern, NJ since 1996 where I have seen many changes in
technology. I remember our office sharing one computer which aged back to Windows 3.1. I
was one of the first agents in the area who bought and utilized a digital camera, when others
were still running to Fotomat to have prints made. Technology has been a blessing for many,
while being problematic for others.

About a year ago, I came across an app in the Apple Store known as Magic Plan and I was immediately hooked. To start, I find a great deal of joy in the “techie” aspects of marketing real estate, which is why I focus my business on representing sellers and their homes. I have produced floor plans in the past, however the time it would take utilizing CAD software was very consuming. Not to mention, laser measuring devices of past were not as accurate, so I relied on the good old tape

While apps like Magic Plan still require calibration, they make the process much easier and fun at the same time. Soon after playing with Magic Plan, I discovered that they had affiliations with other software developers, so I decided to dive in and check out them as well. One is 3D Floorplaner, which allows you to take your 2D floor plans from Magic Plan and transform them into a complete 3D model. Like the latest versions of Magic Plan, 3D Floorplanner also allows you to add in furniture, utilities, colors, carpets, etc. Soon after, I explored their affiliation with RTV Virtual Home Tours. I was immediately impressed with the integration and ease of use, giving real estate agents the ability to produce their own home tours.

Magic Plan, 3D Floor planner and RTV Tours work together to make the life of a Real Estate
Agent easier and more productive. The development of these software products gives agents
the ability to offer services to clients that would in the past, cost substantial amounts of money,
not to mention, time. When it comes to pricing, all three are very reasonable, which allows an
agent to do more.

I have received positive reviews from sellers and buyers alike, who find the floor plans and interactive virtual tours very helpful. Integrating them into your home tours takes your marketing to a new level. I would highly suggest to any agent to give these services a try for yourself and see just how easy and fun it is to provide these marketing tools to your clients and listings.

Scott Breyer

How’s your Virtual Tour Software Provider?

I have been using RTV’s virtual tour software technology since 2008. My situation is unique in that my associate in BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour company, is Jason LaVanture founder of RTV. I have known Jason for around 15 years dating back to my days of 32 years of owning a camera store and photo lab. At that time RTV purchased equipment from me to provide to their virtual tour photographers. When I closed my store I began doing the virtual tours with RTV technology and Jason’s guidance.

To date, I have produced 1910 virtual tours with 722 being in the new Fusion virtual tour software system. The majority have been real estate virtual tours but we also do commercial virtual tours as well. My association with RTV has been nothing but great for the last 6 years ( my association with Jason aside) and speaking frankly.

The new fusion virtual tour system in my opinion lacks nothing with the ability to utilize 360 pans including spherical, stills, full motion video, voice-overs, flyers, e- brochures, tour distribution, traffic reports, social media posting and a great looking virtual tour viewer. We currently are dealing with around 140 realtors in our area of around 600 active realtors.

My clients love what we produce for them! We were so busy last summer we will probably need to bring on another virtual tour photographer to keep up this summer. RTV will also provide you with the necessary marketing materials to take your virtual tour business to the next level. The online creation of virtual tours is fast and efficient.  You won’t have any trouble getting up and running very soon.

RTV is dedicated to providing the best virtual tour software platform in the market and you will not find more dedicated individuals to doing just that. I have included the link to our website below and…. welcome to the RTV family!


Best Regards

Jim Blue
Manager / 360 Tour Coordinator
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Marketing Your Hotel with Pro Photography & Virtual Tours


Your hotel’s website is an important marketing tool that shows potential guests what they can expect. But what moves your website visitors from browsers to paying customers—your star rating, your brand, your google reviews, your room rates?

Actually, according to a recent study, professional hotel photography and virtual tours are the number one factor for online shoppers in choosing a hotel. The study found that 69% of people who book hotel rooms online consider photography and virtual tours highly important in their selection process. This factor came in above hotel brands, loyalty programs, star ratings, and even consumer reviews!

How virtual tours increase your online conversion

Often, your website serves as the first introduction potential guests have to your hotel. What kind of impression are you making? A high quality virtual tour with professional photography lets your visitors experience your facility with rich, interactive images, providing a more enticing appeal than static photographs.

In addition, virtual tours give you more to work with than your room rates. You won’t have to rely so much on beating the pricing of the competition when guests can see how much they’ll enjoy their stay with you. A eye-catching photos and a virtual tour helps you book more guests and increase your occupancy rate.

If a picture is worth a thousand words…
…then a virtual tour is worth a million. Most online consumers know that your web copy is written in marketing speak, designed to impress with phrases like “unrivaled comfort” and “luxurious surroundings.” However, a virtual tour actually shows them how comfortable and luxurious your hotel is, and offers solid evidence they can trust. In addition to your rooms, a virtual tour can also show potential guests around your restaurants, fitness facility, pool area, and any other amenities you offer at your hotel.

Conferences, meetings, and events.
Booking a big event can bring top dollars into your hotel—but the competition is fierce. You can use a professional photography and a virtual tour to showcase your conference and meeting rooms, executive suites, and other aspects that will entice event organizers to sit up and take notice. If people know they can expect modern, state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable surroundings for their important business event, they’ll be far more likely to book a conference with your hotel.

Greater exposure across channels
One of the best things about virtual tours is they don’t have to reside solely on your website. You can increase your exposure to wider audiences by posting your virtual hotel tour on third-party sites like Hotels.com, Expedia, and even YouTube. This means even people who haven’t come across your website can still find out more about your hotel, and book room reservations through other channels.

Ready to enjoy increased online conversions and higher occupancy rates? Contact RTV today to learn more about getting a high quality virtual tour for your hotel. National & International Coverage guaranteed!

Team RTV

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Put Down that Smartphone!

So you’re ready to market your home and create a nice virtual tour or photography gallery, but all you have is a smartphone. Do you snap some pictures using your iPhone and use those as your marketing material? Hopefully the answer is no. Although smartphones are improving the quality of their cameras, they do not even compare to the quality a professional RTV virtual tour photographer can produce.

Smartphone photography can be great for taking quick pictures and sharing them with friends online, but to achieve the “WOW Factor”, you really need a professional photographer. So put down the smartphone and let’s talk about why you should hire an RTV professional for the job!

When a typical buyer looks at an online listing, the first thing they do is look at the photos. They want to have an idea of what kind of home they are buying and get a feel of the flow the home provides. Some real estate agents and homeowners just cannot find the time to photograph their listings, so this is where a real estate virtual tour provider comes into play. These professional photographers and virtual tour providers can create beautiful 360 virtual tours of a home or property so that potential buyers can virtually walk through and get a feel for the home. Photos speak much louder than text.

Fun Facts!
•    40% of all participants don’t even look at agent comments because they are more focused on the photography.
•    According to a 2010 study, homes that are professionally photographed (compared to amateur and phones) sell for up to $19,000 more!
•    Homes photographed by a professional receive 61% MORE online views!
•    Hiring a professional listing photographer only costs 0.09% of the median U.S. home price.

Selling a home requires assistance and with the help of professional photographers and virtual tour providers, you can save time and sell your property much faster. So let a professional help you and see what RTV has to offer!

Order a virtual tour today.

Team RTV

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Social Realty Episode 10 — Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business  – Get your Blog On!

Make Blogging Part or Your 2014 Marketing Strategy

Are you blogging? Blogging was at an all time low in 2013 for RTV providers. Did you know that you can receive a free tour credit with every 2 blogs you send to RTV?  Google loves a site that is updated often.  Blogging is a great way to regularly add fresh content to your website site boosting your position in the SERPs as well as building strong back links to your website from the RTV Blog.

Consider how many pages you have on your virtual tour website. Probably not a lot, right? Then think about how often you change or update those pages. Not that often, right?

Each time you write a new blog, it adds another page on your website to be indexed. And becomes a cue to Google that your website is updated regularly and they should be checking in to see what you’ve published.

Each new blog post (and indexed page) is another opportunity for your site to show up in search engines, and gain traffic through organic search.

Ten Benefits of Blogging For a Virtual Tour Company:

1) Blogging is a practical and powerful way to share relevant, useful information with your potential and existing virtual tour customers. 

2) A well planned blog with carefully chosen keywords will drive traffic to your landing pages.

3) Share your expertise and establish yourself as an authority.  (e.g. Hospital Photography)

4) Acquire more customers. 60% of businesses who regularly blog, win more business.

5) Grow your list – Your blog should inspire people to opt-in to your virtual tour newsletter or hot sheet (e.g. BlueLaVaMedia HotSheet AutoBlog)

6) Increase your reach. When shared your blog will reach new readers.

7) Increase focus – A blog forces you to consistently define who you are and who you are trying to reach.

8) You’ll become more strategic as you measure analytics and find what appeals to your audience.

9) Learn – You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

10) Every great blogger has fun.

Not sure what to blog about? Join me January 28th, I’ll hook you up and share a few secrets with you.

Register for this webinar now in your virtual tour software TMS – http://manage.realtourvision.com

See you there!

Team RTV

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