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RE/MAX Ad on Google Pay Per Click under “Virtual Tour”

I noticed over the weekend that www.remax.com is now advertising on google when you type in the keyword “Virtual Tour”. This is a very good indicator that real estate corporations nationwide are now more than ever recognizing the fact that home shoppers want to see virtual tours when shopping for a home online. As home …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tour Inventory Pages are Released!

Real Tour Vision has released the all new 2007 Virtual Tour Inventory Pages. They are now database driven and scalable for our future technology releases. All Tour Inventory pages are accessed by clicking on the “Visit My Tour Gallery” cheap jerseys button on Tours…Why? any real estate virtual tour or accessed by doing a search …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tours…Why?

What is the upside of a virtual tour? I mean really. What would a potential client see when you are marketing YOUR services as a virtual tour provider? If you haven’t noticed, recently there are a lot of alternatives available to the real estate agent in substitution for a virtual tour. Slide tours, do-it-yourself alternatives, …..Continue Reading

Bakersfield Virtual Tours

RTV salutes Julie Lagan from Julie’s Virtual Tours for her outstanding success and uncanny ability to convert marketing tips and trips into dollars. Julie’s truck featured above is sheer testament of wholesale NBA jerseys Julie’s dedication and respect for her virtual tour company. Her entire vehicle is wrapped in a high resolution 360 panorama, an …..Continue Reading

Real Tour Vision Welcomes You to Our Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Real Tour Vision Virtual Tour Company Blog. There is good reason to believe that you are here because aufgehoben“ you are currently shopping for full service virtual Hacked tours locally or nationally, do-it-yourself virtual tour builder kits, an all inclusive virtual tour builder package to start up your own Hello …..Continue Reading