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The Virtual Tour Dilemma

The term ‘Virtual Tour’ has been left open to interpretation to the point that the term is open to just about anyone’s understanding or definition. Two definitions found on Google using the exact same search phrase (define: virtual tour) directly contradict each other. One states that a virtual tour is any graphical representation of a …..Continue Reading

What is a Virtual Tour?

Well that really depends on who you ask, what company they work for, and the kind of product they are trying to sell you. www.realtourvision.com has been building the world’s largest most powerful network of virtual tour photographers now for over 8 years and we like to think that our definition is among the most …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tour of a Galley Kitchen

Since I began working as the Virtual Tour Track Administrator for www.realtourvision.com I’ve heard from many virtual tour photographers about the impossibility of taking a good shot of a Galley Kitchen. Honestly, I do have to admit I thought some were exaggerating. I mean, how hard could it be to get a good shot of …..Continue Reading

Quick solution to a long distance problem.

Shortly after we became a Real Tour Vision provider, one of our REALTOR clients called with an urgent request for a 360 virtual tour. We needed to create a virtual tour for an “Estate” home. She had a potential client from the west coast visit the home while on business as he was possibly going …..Continue Reading

Why are Real Tour Vision providers Better?

The answer here is very simple. Real Tour Vision signs up people daily that take the time to actually research the virtual tour industry. Sure, we get the people that close and sign up on the first phone call too, but we normally get the educated and driven people that are very serious about starting …..Continue Reading