Virtual Tour Software Updates March 2020 – July 2020

We’ve been busy over here at RTV tooling away on our Fusion virtual tour software platform. Please review the video below for a list of our most significant updates that we’ve made to the system over the last few months. Get ready because we also have a few other tricks & surprises up our sleeves coming this summer. We are dedicated to ensuring that professional photographers using our platform dominate their market!

Fusion Manager Updates:

July 2020

Lightning Fire Storage Update – We have updated the way our media files are both stored and accessed across the cloud.  The result has significantly improved the load time of our virtual tours and property sites.  Have a look for yourself – What were fast loading tours and property sites before, are now instantaneous. The resulting file structure is RTV’s Lightning Fire format, which we will be using moving forward as we continue to grow and build out the system.

June 2020

Syndication Control – When syndication is turned on in your tour options area, both your virtual tours and property websites syndicate out to your gallery pages, your RSS feeds, and your embeddable maps. By default, both the property sites and tours are available in these areas of Fusion. You are now able to syndicate ONLY your property websites, virtual tours, or both your property websites and virtual tours using the syndication settings area of your virtual tour manager. For example, if you would like your gallery pages to populate only with your property sites, you can turn off virtual tours, and your gallery pages will only display property websites. This is very helpful for those using the RSS feeds, the Hot Sheet code, and marketing the new gallery pages.  

New Reseller Forms – We have updated the RTV Reseller forms. They’re now fully responsive, and they don’t look like a reseller form! Example – These are perfect to use on social media sites, and you can also embed them into any website knowing they are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. The reseller section can be found in the settings area. You can easily access your commissions and referred customers from this section too. Did you know that RTV pays out 20% on tour credit sales when you bring a photographer over to RTV? Ask about our lifetime commission reseller program.

May 2020

Audio Automation – With over 300 royalty-free tracks for you to choose from, putting a few music tracks on each of your tours was starting to take up far too much time.  Our system now allows you to favorite as many music tracks as you like, and it will automatically add some of your favorite tracks to your tours and property sites for you each time you create a project.

Music Track Sorter/Favorites – We’ve completely overhauled our music area.  RTV Radio and background music have merged into one section.  Best of all, we are letting you toss the tracks you hate to the bottom of your list, and with a single click, you can now “Star” or favorite clips and send them directly to the top of your list.  After you identify and “Star” your favorite music tracks, our system will even randomly and automatically place these on your projects for you!

Social Media & About Us Profile – We thought that our new gallery pages looked a bit naked, so we dressed them up by adding new fields in our database to support company biography for yourself and your customers as well as social media profiles.  Check it out You can add in this new information for your company and your customers by clicking on the ‘profile’ section under settings.

MyPage/Tour Gallery Redesign – With the new RTV property websites rocking the scene and gaining in popularity around the world, it was time to give our gallery pages a facelift. We’ve updated agent, broker, owner and customer gallery pages, and they look amazing.  We encourage all of you to update your user profile under settings to take advantage of the new about us and social media fields.

FusionSite Global Defaults – With so many options on our FusionSite property websites we made the turning on and off of features very easy for you to apply.  We made it as easy to use and efficient as the Tour Options global defaults. Any changes that you need to one customer’s property sites or all of your property websites are just a few clicks away.

April 2020

Tour Options Global Defaults – We know that SO many of you dreaded the tour options (formerly buttons) section. Any company-wide change to your virtual tours was a manual effort and took a considerable amount of time. This meant a LOT of time clicking and saving on customers and updating old tours.  Say goodbye to all of this with our new Global Defaults for your Tour Options.  Now, any change that you would like to make can be applied to thousands of virtual tours and property sites with just a few clicks.

New Settings Area – As we strive to make the Fusion system easier and faster to navigate, we have decided to move all of the “Settings” related sections into one area. Our new settings area makes looking for things much faster, and if you’re setting up a back-office admin or training your customers on how to use your client portal, this new design makes it much quicker to use and easier to learn.

Smart Deliverables – Not having to spend thirty seconds flipping switches before you send your images and delivery links to your customer is something that we’ve wanted to update for quite some time now.  We’re happy to report that our new Smart Deliverables allows for just that.  Each of your customers will automatically pick up your settings unless you explicitly change that user’s settings.  This even includes the image resize dimensions and type of resizing that you do. It should be called our Genius Deliverables section! For those of you that do three thousand productions a year, a 30-second savings of time is a total savings of twenty-five hours.  WOW, enjoy the vacation team!

Auto-Affiliate – Do you set your company logo (.png file) as an affiliate on every virtual tour or property website that you create?  If not, you should be! You’re losing your word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing if you’re not minimally doing this.  We’ve made it very easy to add your affiliate to your productions now with our new automatic Affiliate feature that you’ll find in your Affiliate section under Settings.  You’ll never forget to add your branding to your productions again!

March 2020

Animated Walkthrough Hot Spots – Several customers have been asking for updated Hot Spots.  Admittedly, it’s been quite some time since we added any new ones. As of March, we now have six new animated hot spots for you to choose from. Thanks, Jake! They have all been designed with walkthrough style virtual tours in mind.  They’re attractive, scalable, easy to see, and not overpowering on the images.  You can see a couple in action in the RTV Demo Tour here –  

Improved Hot Spot Editor – 360 Walkthrough style virtual tours are on the rise so making sure our customers can quickly upload imagery from virtual tour cameras like the Theta Z1 and others is on the top on our list.  Recent updates to our Hot Spot Editor make it much easier to add in Hot Spots and link rooms together. The new system even has an option to automatically insert a reverse hot spot for you as you build your tour, cutting your Hot Spot placement time in half!

Tour Player Updates:

July 2020

ADA Compliant Tour – If you’re not familiar with ADA, you should take a few minutes to educate yourself on the subject. You can do that here  Being in compliance with ADA is becoming more and more important and especially so in the hospitality, rental, and medical industries.  If you create virtual tours in any of these spaces, you’ll more than likely want to mention ADA compliance to your customer.  It could mean the difference between you getting the bid or not.  To enable ADA, click on tour options and switch ADA to on.  To our knowledge, no other virtual tour technology offers an ADA solution. Enjoy the leg up on the competition!

FusionSite Updates:

April 2020

FusionSite Lead Capture – RTV’s popular lead capture options for virtual tours are now also programmed into our FusionSite property website maker.  To turn on lead capture, click on “FusionSite” from your menu and turn it on.  It’s literally that easy!  When the form is filled out the lead goes directly to the property website agent or owner.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from RTV!

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The FORMULA 86 – Elevate Your Brand and Get More Clients

Come one, come all to the Webinar! Please join us for an RTV exclusive webinar event on Tuesday, July 27th at 8:00 PM Eastern. During this show, photography business coach Darryl Stringer will be talking about ‘How to elevate your brand and get better clients’.

We’ll look at why brand positioning matters, how you control how clients and prospects perceive you, and what you’ll need to do to take your photography business to a higher level so you attract the kind of clients you want to be working with. We’ll also speak with Amanda Kohler from Charm City Virtual Tours, and Rob Estep from LMP360 Media.

Darryl ran his own highly successful real estate photography business in Australia for 17 years, and he now operates where he has played a significant role in the growth and development of photography businesses worldwide, providing one-to-one coaching and marketing.

Please join us for the live event and get ready to talk about how to Elevate Your Brand and Get Better Clients! This show will only hold up to 500 participants, so be sure to register early.

Register now in your RTV Virtual Tour Software Account!

See you there RTV!

Photographer Spotlight – Check this awesome production that Kathy Ward sent us the other day –  GREAT JOB KATHY!!!  This shoot demonstrates great use of aerial drone footage, video walkthrough, amazing still photos and of course our robust property websites! Keep up the good work Kathy.

Dallas and Fort Worth Virtual Tour Provider Celebrating 12 Years & Going Strong

Pro360 Virtual Tours and Photography has been creating virtual tours in Dallas and Fort Worth for 12 years now. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, my phone has been ringing off the hook with new customers. Realtors and businesses who once relied on still photography are seeing the need and usefulness of 360 virtual tours. A 360 virtual tour allows the viewer to ‘walk through’ a space without physically being there. The tour will auto play until the customer touches an area. They can then control movement left or right, up and down to look around. Hot spots, in the scenes allow the viewer to click an arrow and move to different areas in the scene or through a door to the next room.

Click the images below to see a real estate virtual tour and business 360 virtual tour.

business virtual tours







real estate virtual tours







Lisa Duty
Order a virtual tour – (817) 676-7176
Website: Pro360 Virtual Tours

The FORMULA 85 – Hot Sheet, Google Analytics, & Facebook Pixel Integration

You’ve seen the RTV weekly virtual tour traffic reports  that we overhauled in 2019. While these reports provide a lot of significant useful data and make for a beneficial weekly touchpoint for your customers, there are still quite a few things that you simply can not do with the reports that you can do with more analytics and tracking.

For example, can you imagine standing in a room full of real estate agents or business owners, holding up a tablet that is displaying in real-time anyone around the globe that is looking at your virtual tours or single property websites? Perhaps a real estate brokerage that you photograph for with utilizes Facebook ads for marketing. Did you know that by using RTV’s new tracking center you could drop that brokerage’s Facebook Pixel code into every property website and virtual tour you create? By doing so anyone that looks at their virtual tours and property websites on the MLS, Zillow,, or any site for that matter, would instantly see that brokerage’s ads when they log onto Facebook next time. These are just a couple examples of the sheer power that is waiting for you to harness by implementing google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking into your virtual tours and property websites.

Come to our live webinar on Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00 PM and learn how to add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking to your productions. We’ll also be sharing with you a brief overview of the new 2020 Hot Sheet set up process that you’ve been hearing about. If you don’t know what a Hot Sheet is, here’s an example for you to look at – Hot Sheet

The above Hot Sheet is from BlueLaVaMedia a Traverse City Real Estate Photography Company. The Hot Sheet is an attractive summary of your last 5-20 productions that get sent out via email to all of your customers and prospects. It’s a fantastic marketing tool and won the #2 slot for providing the most leads to BlueLaVaMedia in 2019 coming in second place to the affiliate logo ( that BlueLaVa places on all their tours and property websites.

During the show I’ll be interviewing Rob Estep (Entrepreneur & Professional Photographer) from LMP 360 Media – and Mitch Park (Web Developer and Facebook Pixel/Google Analytics Expert) from We will be taking a look at the Hot Sheet set up process as well as what is required to add the Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel code to your Fusion virtual tour system from start to finish. We’ll also show you how you can add both tracking codes in for specific real estate agents, owners and even brokers from within your system.

We hope to see you on The FOMRULA 85! – PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT HAS ENDED. Those interested may watch the recording via your account. Thank you!


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RTV Announces Ernie Blood as New CEO/President and Financial Investor

virtual tour software guysTRAVERSE CITY, MI February 13th, 2020 – Real Tour Vision (RTV, Inc) announced today that Ernie Blood acquired the majority of its shares and will take on the new active role as CEO/President. Ernie, an international trainer and author of “The Pocket Real Estate Guides” plans on leveraging his vast business connections and marketing tools from his array of existing companies and partnerships to provide RTV and its network of 1000 plus global photographers with a unique and competitive advantage in their marketplace.

RTV is one of the world’s most established providers of virtual tour software, property websites, 3D walkthroughs, virtual staging, and boost marketing services for professional photographers, enterprising real estate agents, and brokers. RTV is also a Google Trusted Photography Agency and offers professional still photography, virtual tours, and drone services to corporations throughout North America and worldwide. RTV’s major business categories include hospitality, healthcare, assisted living, apartment communities, home builders, and real estate. Some clients include Choice Hotels International, G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Red Roof Inn, and RLH Corporation to name a few.

Ernie brings over forty years of marketing expertise to RTV after having partnered with or helped start-up and operate companies such as Global Referral Center, Inc., Harmon Media Group, CellaHome, ProspectConverter, Home Actions LLC™,, EMB Lenders, SecureData 365,™, Carmel Digital Printing, ConnectNow Inc™ and more. In total, Ernie has been involved with and helped grow over 45 companies since 1973.

RTV Founder, Vice President, and Co-Owner, Jason LaVanture said, “Thanks to Peter Leon of the Global Referral Center, we were introduced to Ernie, and could not be more excited to have found such a perfect match for our virtual tour company. In the short term, Ernie will give RTV instant access to products and services that have previously been outside of our reach and are also likely to be a financial barrier for our competitors. Looking forward, Ernie will help us create strategic relationships that will keep our virtual tour photographers from around the world growing for years to come. This is a game-changer!”

Ernie Blood stated, “I looked at many companies in this sector to add to our network of technology companies. RTV stood out because of its leadership, strong team, longevity in the industry, business integrity, vast photography network, and consistent advancement of technology since 1999. With Jason’s leadership, cutting edge virtual tour technology, and backing by our local and global partners, RTV will continue to be the dominant leader in their marketplace. RTV customers can expect tremendous leaps in technology and service offerings in the months to come.”

This alignment will not only create more exposure and opportunities for RTV’s network of photographers, but it will also empower these local entrepreneurs with new services and marketing tools such as MLS data synchronization, SMS text messaging, social media video re-targeting, advanced lead capture, print-on-demand, and more, thus giving RTV a unique edge in the marketplace.

Read the full news release here

RTV – Hotel Photography & Virtual Tour Software