The PanoRider ™ Unveiled!

The PanoRider UnveiledIf you are an RTV virtual tour provider or a Realtor®, you are probably always looking for that edge over your competition. But you are only interested in marketing that works. The PanoRider provided by RTV is just such a marketing tool.

The PanoRider is a custom sign rider that hangs off your broker’s sign. It contains a unique web address for the property along with a full color panoramic photograph of the property. The web address is the same as the property address so it is easy to remember for prospective buyers and neighbors.

Property Specific Websites (

The web address on the PanoRider is for a property specific website for your listing. This website contains your full interactive virtual tour with enhanced listing features including these options:

  • Integrated Panoramic and Still Photos with Interactive Hot Spot Navigation
  • Map, Satellite View and Driving Directions
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Optional Music, Floor Plans & Brochure
  • MLS Number and Property Information
  • Scene descriptions
  • Agent Photo, Email Link, Website Link and Phone Number
  • Broker Logo and Address
  • Secret Hot-Link to Traffic Statistics
  • Listing Tool

So what do you do with the PanoRider after the property has sold? Keep one in your car, at home or in the office. There is nothing as impressive as a PanoRider in person. Just think of the impact this sign will have on your listing appointments. Think of the effect it will have when you put this down on the kitchen table for your prospective sellers to see. Are the other Realtor’s they are interviewing going to offer something like this? If not, you made a huge impression. If so, you have leveled the playing field. Either way, it is a win for you and the seller.

Farming Tool

If you have a neighborhood that you farm, there is no other tool that has the same impact as a PanoRider. EVERY DAY the neighbors drive home or walk their dog they will see your work in action. This isn’t some expensive post card mailing they get one day in the mail and throw away – it is a sign that stays there for weeks and months! The neighbors will have the right impression about your professionalism and that you are utilizing the best technology and marketing tools available today. They are sure to be impressed and will likely interview you when it is time to sell their own home as well.

High Traffic Roads

So you have a property on a busy road? Say no more…your Yard Sign is even more important here! That means that your PanoRider is equally as important. High traffic areas are especially ripe for this unique product because it gives your listing the maximum amount of exposure in the right place – in front of the house.

Info-to-Go Box No More

Do you use an Info-to-Go box to include brochures on your sign post? Do they ever run out? Well, with a PanoRider those days are over. There is no need to put papers that get wet or run out in front of the property any more. The PanoRider is always there giving the prospective buyer a more robust experience to learn about the property online. And as an option, we can attach your brochure to the virtual tour as a PDF file, so your prospective buyer can still get that piece of paper right from the website!

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