About Panoramic Photography

Panorama Photography & Virtual Tours

There is a common misconception that a panoramic photo and a virtual tour are the same thing. They are not. 

Unless created using a one-shot lens or a parabolic mirror system, a panoramic photo is created by taking a series of still photos using specialized equipment (PanoHead or Rotator) , then stitching them together with a post processing software (Photo Stitching Software).

There are three primary types of panoramic photos, however RTV’s robust tour player will display ANY panoramic photo.

Cylindrical panoramas are the most common. These panoramic photos allow a viewer to see 360° around in a circle. They are a great addition to any virtual tour and can be made with any camera and a panoramic rotator head such as our X3 Rotator.

Spherical panoramas are similar to a cylindrical, in that the viewer is able to around in a 360° circle, but they are also able to pan up and down 90° allowing the floor and ceiling to be viewed. The best spherical panoramas are produced using very wide angle lenses. These lenses are only available for cameras with interchangeable lenses known as DSLR’s. Our XS Rotator is a great option to create these types of panoramic images.

Vertical panoramas are less common. These panoramas pan up and down only, and do not show a full 360° view.

Cylindrical Panorama
An Example Of A Cylindrical Panorama
Sphericial Panorama
An Example Of A Sphericial Panorama