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Since 1999, RTV has been creating the world’s finest virtual tour software and was awarded photographers #1 choice. Users can quickly produce stunning 360º virtual tour productions, 360/3D walkthroughs, single property websites, social media videos, printable flyers, & more with little to no training. Low-cost hosting. Professional photographers will receive leads, and jobs from our national accounts! RTV is constantly innovating and improving our already robust virtual tour system. 100% 360 camera ready and compatible with all DSLR cameras and 3D cameras. Unlimited one-on-one USA based technical support via phone & zoom. Try our virtual tour software for free!

360 Virtual Tour

All of our 360 virtual tours are built using our proprietary online virtual tour software called Fusion. Fusion is our fifth release since 1999 and offers a myriad of BOOST marketing services for professional photographers.

RTV’s 360 virtual tour features include:

  1. 100% private labeled
  2. Agent or Owner contact information as well as links to their E-mail and Web site.
  3. The Agent or Owner photo can be added to further customize and market each virtual tour.
    Instantly view more panoramic flash tours by visiting the virtual tour gallery.
  4. Professionally voiced premium audio, with or without music, can be added to any tour.
  5. Video – The Video button allows you to add a video clip to your virtual tour for enhancing the user’s experience with motion and sound.
  6. Email button allows viewers to email a link of the virtual tours to family and friends.
  7. The favorite’s button allows viewers to add the virtual tour to their favorites section of the web browser.
  8. Custom printable flyers and floor plans can be included with every virtual tour, providing additional tour details.
    Additional information about the city can be accessed from the tour.
    Detailed information about local schools is included with every real estate virtual tour.
  9. RTV automatically maps the location of each virtual tour for the convenience of the tour viewer.
  10. Allows an overhead aerial or satellite view to be placed on every 360 virtual tour.
  11. Mortgage Info – The mortgage info button allows you to calculate estimated mortgage information. The button can be redirected to your preferred mortgage vendor’s site as a lead generator.
  12. The “Back/Next” button returns the viewers to the previous panoramic tour scene or takes them to the next one.
  13. The virtual tour title is displayed in the upper left hand corner.
  14. RTV makes navigating through 360 virtual tours very easy. Help is just a click away.
  15. Each scene within the interactive flash tour is accessible with our drop down shortcut menu.
    The right of the tour window is reserved for the agency logo.
  16. Detailed MLS information is included with every virtual tour.
  17. The RTV virtual tour window is larger than other companies, without compromising download speed. Images appear crisp and glossy, and window shots are not washed out.
  18. RTV tours have Hot Spots that can be customized for each client. Hot Spots give the viewer information and a sense of direction within the 360 virtual tour of home.
  19. Navigation buttons give viewers control over turning left, right, up, down, and zoom in or out.
    Each slide tells what room or scene the viewer is in, found in the top right corner.
  20. Add a text based description of each scene within the virtual tour.
    Use the Affiliates option to add marketing partner banners on the right hand side of the virtual tour.
  21. The frame around the tour can be modified by using the Theme option where you can change the color/ pattern on every virtual tour allowing for a high level of customization.
  22. Hit Counter – This secret button allows the real estate agent or the home seller to run virtual tour hit traffic reports anytime!
  23. MORE!

Our Customers Love Us!

Natalie Stark-Fouarge

Gold Market Media, LLC

After hours/days/weeks of research for a business that could help me create 360 virtual tours, I found RTV to stand out from all of their competition. I compared RTV with 2 other popular companies that provide 360 virtual tour software. RTV was a no-brainer to go with. They offered so much more than anyone else. When I contacted Jason at RTV, he returned my calls promptly and answered all my questions very honestly. Now that I’ve made the decision to move forward with RTV, they’ve treated me like family. There has been a lot of time, thought and work put into RTV over the years and it shows. Their 360 virtual tour software is also user friendly and well thought out. The other competitors didn’t offer half of what RTV does. I’m pretty happy that I made the choice to partner with RTV.

Christine Caso

Action Images, LLC

I started working with Real Tour Vision about a month ago. Jason and his staff were extremely helpful when explaining my options for creating 360 virtual tours. Jason took the time to talk to me and email numerous times while I was deciding which company to go with. He helped me purchase the Panono and even chased down the UPS truck to make sure I got it in time for a big shoot I had. The technical staff also went above and beyond answering my endless questions and helping me create 360 virtual tours. I love this service and so do my customers. There are so many things it offers that I haven’t even tapped into yet. They really thought of everything. I am very happy with my total experience so far and look forward to working with Real Tour Vision for a long time to come. Thank you, Christine Caso

Why Real Tour Vision?

Established in 1999, Real Tour Vision (RTV, Inc.) is a privately held corporation in Northern Michigan. As a leading provider of virtual tour technology and national photography services we proudly support over a thousand professional photographers, aerial drone pilots, and independent business owners. These professionals are now ready, vetted, insured and trained to service your account.

Today, RTV dispatches several hundred jobs back into the photography network each month from our national accounts. Contact us today and learn how you can utilize our network of professional apartment photographers and aerial drone pilots on a bulk or ongoing basis! Service, satisfaction, and high quality are what we deliver!

Frequently Asked Questions

A 360 virtual tour maximizes immersive impact, allowing you to feel as if you are standing in the middle of a room or other area, turning in a circle to view the entire space. You can then use your computer mouse, trackpad or finger on your touchscreen device to move virtually to the next area of that house, office, medical center, hotel, museum, etc. where you want to “look around.”

For creators, there are two ways to produce the 360 effect of the virtual tour:

  1. Take a series of still images with a fisheye or other panoramic lens, then “stitch” them together with photo editing software to produce a final and single 360 image of each individual area.
  2. Use a 360 panoramic camera placed on a mount in the center of the area Then, use a virtual tour hosting platform to link the 360 virtual tours together with hotspots so an end user can tour of the entire site.

The cost of a 360 virtual tour will vary from photographer to photographer but in most cases, you can expect to pay between $125 – $300 depending on the size of the property or location you are having the 360 tour created.  It’s best to always check two sources for both pricing as well as examples of the end product.