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full panorama, a partial panorama, a still image or a video. 360 Tour Software – Real Estate 360 Tour

A 360 tour is an interactive flash tour made up of a series of photographs, that are stitched together in a way that allows a person to view a property online as if they are actually at that property. The 360 tour allows the viewer to pan left, right (and sometime up and down) of the panorama to view the series of photographs of a location. This location could be a real estate listing, business, or scenic area. The virtual tour is photographed and compiled by a tour builder, also called a provider, and paid for by the tour owner. The tour owner is usually registered with RTV so their contact information can be included on the tour, and used to add branded customization to a virtual tour. A tour owner may be a real estate agent, company, business, town, chamber of commerce, or other similar entity. Every tour is made up of scenes. A scene could be a full panorama, a partial panorama, a still image or a video. 

Virtual Tour ExampleEach provider purchases a tour package with the Builder Kit and then purchases more tours as needed. Buying tours in bulk reduces the cost of each tour. Virtual tours may contain up to 30 scenes each. Each provider sets their own pricing schedule specific to their local market, as well as to the tour type. Each tour will come with a standard set of features such as Email, Download, and Favorites. If the tour edit page is completely filled out there is also city info and map buttons. Full service providers that shoot tours as a business also have the opportunity to participate in RTV’s Tour Track system, which handles our national accounts. Full service providers may be contacted about shooting tours in their area. These tours have a set of specifications that must be followed and the price is set based on contract negotiations between RTV corporate and the end client. The RTV virtual tour software system is truly a no-hassle solution for anyone serious about saving money on virtual tours or making substantial profits by creating the world’s finest virtual tours.

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Many real estate agents would rather use a slide show rather than a full blown virtual tour so we created our HD flash slide show. Our fullscreen V-Slide’s showcase still images beautifully through a slideshow and can also include panoramic images and support audio clips. These flash panoramic images really show off the beauty of a home or business.

360 Tour Software

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