Virtual Tour Software & Real Estate Photography System Updates – May 2021

Spring is officially upon us up here in Northern Michigan, and while there not be many homes on the market for sale, we’re seeing an above number of projects and home tours coming through the system each month from all corners of the planet. Among all this hustle-bustle we’ve been swamped here over at RTV, making significant improvements to the system, so you have more time to “Grill & Chill” as we like to say.

It’s been a few months since we’ve released an official changelog on our virtual tour software & real estate photography system, and today we decided to bring you up to speed. Most of the system updates below are necessary steps that we have been taking to prepare for the launch of our payment collection and job scheduling system. Please take a moment to watch the following video, and you can also read about these exciting changes and updates below.  Those of you that would like to set up an RTV account and test drive the system can do so here –

Virtual Tour Software & Real Estate Photo System Manager Updates Include:



New Dropbox Support – Those using photo editors in other locations will LOVE our new Dropbox uploader! Have your editor put all of your finished images onto your dropbox folder and instantly synchronize that folder with any of your virtual tour folders. The sync happens pretty fast and it saves you much time from having to download from Dropbox only to have to re-upload back into Fusion. Enjoy the time savings!


Media Only Delivery Projects – By popular demand, we have launched our new “Photo Only” delivery feature. Photo-only projects cost $3 each, and you’ll soon be able to schedule them using our scheduling system. Photo-only jobs can be upgraded to virtual tours and property sites too. Based on the numbers we’re seeing, our virtual tour embedded into the property website seems to be in the most demand –


Manager Search Improvements – We’ve recently made some significant updates to the Universal Search at the top of your dashboard and other internal pages of the system. If you have not tried out the new universal search, be sure to the next time you log in –



New RTV Delivery Site – The next time you go to deliver your real estate photos, be sure to check out our new Delivery Site feature. RTV’s Delivery Site is an advanced, tech-savvy way to deliver your photos and marketing services to your customers. We’ve put it on a separate tab under the “Deliverables” section, and you can easily set it up as your default delivery method too under “Settings” – “Deliverables”. Delivery Site has been created so it’s ready for our payment collection system to be attached to it. Soon your customers will be able to purchase images directly off your Delivery Site and you’ll also be able to “upsell” them social media videos, additional photos, printable flyers and more. Delivery Site also takes a lot of the back-end work off your shoulders by allowing the agent to make edits to their profile, the listing, and much more. We’re very excited about where this page is going and you should be too!


More Video Time – Need more video time for your drone videos or walkthroughs? Now you can order more video time directly through your media manager with the click of a button.


Delivery Email Project Autofill – You’ll notice when you deliver your next photography job that it’s no longer necessary to search for the project agent. The project agent and or owner will already be waiting for you! If there’s a co-agent or an assistant that needs to receive your delivery, add a semi-colon and add in the second recipient before sending.


Background Media Compile – RTV’s new background media compile routine gives you some well-deserved time back to your day. Simply click on the compile for your high-resolution images or your resized images and continue working while we compile your media in the background. Both our Delivery Site and Delivery Links pages will show you when your compiles are ready. In the meantime, you can keep on working!


Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you can attend next week’s training webinar on our new Delivery Site. If you would like to register for the free event, please visit –

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon as we roll out the next pieces of our payment collection and photography job scheduling system.

Thanks for your support!


Jason & Team RTV

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