The FORMULA 91 – Introduction to RTV’s Delivery Site

Have you heard the news? Did you happen to take a minute and poke around inside of your RTV account lately? If you did, you might have noticed several slick upgrades to the system as well as a brand new delivery option we are calling Delivery Site.

Delivery Site makes for the perfect landing page that you’ll provide your customers with when you want them to pay to download your photos, make a price change, set the status on a listing, access your additional marketing products, and so much more. You can think of it as your unique and easy way to send photos, videos, and your extra marketing goodies to your customers by way of a secure token-based URL that’s unique to your project.

Once your client clicks on the link, they’re taken to a special page where they can access items related to that specific project. With the click of a button, you control access to your resized images, flyers, social media videos, drone footage, Matterport and Zillow productions, property sites, virtual tour links, profile information and much more.

There’s a lot to look at here, so let’s take a peek at it together, and you can start thinking about how you will work Delivery Site into your workflow. In the weeks to come, Delivery Site will take over your payment collection for you, help with upselling more photos upon delivery, and encourage your customers to book more shoots with you!

Let’s discuss this on The FORMULA 91 – Introduction to RTV’s Delivery Site. Please join us Tuesday, May 18th at 7:00 PM Eastern and learn how to set up and start using our new Delivery Site.

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See you there team!

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