New from RPM – Trade Show Banner & Real Estate Flyer

real estate photography business flyerIf you have not dropped off flyers in a while or done a real estate trade show, the time to kick your marketing up a notch is NOW! This Spring, we have an all-new 2021 Real Estate Photography Business Flyer for you to check out with several of your top service offerings featured on it. This real estate photography business flyer is focused on making you stand out from the competitors in your area and show off the services that make you the obvious best choice for professional real estate photos, aerial drone, and interactive 360 virtual tours.

It’s been created using Adobe Photoshop, and is fully customizable to your company, features, offerings, pricing, and more. It was originally designed for BlueLaVaMedia (a Traverse City Real Estate Photography & Aerial Drone Service) for use at an up and coming real estate trade show. Feel free to edit the text in any way that you like. The new multi-color icons are beautiful and are sure to turn heads in your direction. Drop off at real estate offices and always keep a stack of these on you wherever you go. The time to start stepping back into real estate offices is now. Use caution/discretion, say hello, and stay safe.

Next up we’ve got a nice banner for you to use during your real estate presentations. It’s ready to go with just a bit of time needed for final customization. At some point soon, you’re going to want to start getting out there and sponsoring lunches or attending the local MLS show which makes this portable banner the ideal marketing showpiece for your arsenal. We highly recommend that you purchase this along with our 2021 Real Estate Flyer as the flyer drills down and further explains each of your top services with slightly more text so passers-by can review your banner and take a flyer with them. This massive 34 x 81 pull-up banner was designed to go with a Vista Print template. A link to the template as well as the specs are included inside of the download .zip file. The banner folds down into a minimal portable case, and you can pick it up for under $200 from Vista Print. This piece was also created using Adobe Photoshop and can be fully customizable to your real estate photography and virtual tour company, features, offerings, pricing, and more. It was initially designed for BlueLaVaMedia’s real estate trade show. Feel free to edit the text in any way that you like and be sure to let us know how it goes out there!

real estate photography banner

Enjoy these two brand new marketing pieces from RTV! We love helping you stand out and dominate. Let’s have a great summer!

Team RTV

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