More Real Estate Photography Jobs & Maximum Efficiency

Having your RTV account set up for maximum efficiency and public visibility is vital to your success as a real estate photographer, virtual tour provider, and drone pilot. It also means a LOT more money in your pocket when you have more time for marketing, social interaction, and of course, when more people see your brand on social sites. Remember that 30 – 40 percent of a realtor’s sphere of influence on social sites are other realtors and your potential customers! Learn to use your virtual tours and property websites to speak to them and spread the word about your brand and quality of work.

In a perfect world, the creation time for each virtual tour and property site will be minimal, and each production will continue selling for you 24/7 after it has been published. With a little help from RTV’s virtual tour software, your real estate photography jobs will pack a powerful marketing punch compared to those out there that only shoot and deliver still photos.

This video will show you how to finish setting up your account to achieve maximum results through the busiest of times. The video also shows you the EXACT settings and options that BlueLaVaMedia (Traverse City Real Estate Photography)uses for productions. You don’t necessarily have to do each one, but I highly recommend it. Taking a little time now to set up your RTV account properly will pay off in dividends down the road.

RTV Account Checkup Video – Be ready to take notes. If you need help with any of the items discussed in the above video, please reach out to RTV’s technical support team for help and assistance.

The items discussed in the above video are in order and as follows:

1. Set up your Google Map API

2. Set up your MyBrand

3. Upload an Affiliate logo like those seen here

4. Connect your YouTube Channel

5. Update your logo and complete your company profile in Fusion

6. Choose your default music clips

7. Add your facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking code in your settings area

8. Set your default property website layout – BlueLaVa uses Centauri

9. Set your tours to AutoPlay on property sites

10. Set your mouse controls to “Drag”

11. Set your default tour player to Fusion Slim & turn Fusion Slim Carousel on

12. Set up default deliverables

Please note – We did not cover setting up the Open Weather API in this video. If you’re located outside of the USA, we recommend that you set up Open Weather Maps.


Keep an eye out for photo only delivery and our new scheduling and payment collection system is right around the corner!  Enjoy the system updates!!

Thanks for your business, trust, and support!


Jason & Team RTV

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