The FORMULA 90 – Automated Sales & Marketing Strategies | Sell While You Sleep

How to sell virtual toursHappy New Year RTV Nation! To help jumpstart 2021 and make sure everyone gets off to a great start, we decided to hold a sales and marketing training event as our first show of the year.

Please join us tomorrow (Tuesday, January 5th) at 7:00 PM Eastern for a one-hour sales and marketing training event. I’ll be joined on the show by RTV Rockstar, Jonathan Leuthe.  Over the last ten years, Jonathan has crushed the competition and dominated his market using the RTV virtual tour software and photo delivery system. 

Read more and register HERE.

During the show we’ll be discussing some of our top sales and marketing tips and tricks. These are all strategies that will help you literally “Sell While You Sleep.” We’ll also be round-table discussing powerful sales and marketing strategies that will help you keep selling and beating out the competition.

These unique and easy-to-implement strategies will help you:

• Harness the power of WOM
• Make sure your real estate photo productions are working to get you new business, 24/7.
• Find and sell to new clients
• Snag clients from the competition
• Foster stronger, more loyal relationships with your current clients
• Make yourself nearly bulletproof to losing a client

During the show, we’ll also be talking about our recent technology updates and showing you how you can access the new Fusion system from your existing virtual tour software account.

Enjoy the updates, and we’ll see you on the show!



Jason & Team RTV

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